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Play To Win: Yanks-Rays Gamer

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Cowbells…what a fucking joke.
I’ve been to many a Yankee game in the Dump and they are soooooooo annoying. What else would you expect from this pathetic excuse for a fan base.

Agreed krueg. Teix is ridiculously streaky. And he hasn’t had a hot streak in forever it seems. Boston may be in win-and-your-in territory now, though the Yanks b-string pen is yet to be featured…

Another SF checks in to follow the fortunes of Betances, an exciting appealing and….um……winning young player………..
Of course there IS a joker in this deck – the Sox have to beat Bawlmer…… 2-1 O’s

Wish I had this game on the tube – it looks more interesting than the reverse camel race we have here – seeing which of BOS and BAL can get to Mecca last

Weirdness tonight.
This SF has to go on an errand, so will try to raise WCBS in the car.
No Suzyn tonight………..adds to the weirdness.
Play at the plate preserves the Sox’ tenuous lead.
Still 3-2.

I’m getting the distinct impression that the Sox are done after tonight.
The noose is for me, not you………
I have to admit that the Sox shouldn’t make the post-season playing the way they are in an ideal world anyway.

Agreed with Nick – this is probably the most dramatic end of a regular season ever. Now both our fanbases know what it’s like to be on the butt-end of ‘magical comebacks’.

Already can’t wait to see them play in April, disgusting habit this one.
I’d say seasoned SF’s (unlike myself) know the magical comeback pain well: ’86, ’78. ’78 at least the Yankees actually had a magical comeback, going (I think) 22-7 in September. The Rays were good, but not otherworldly (18-10?).
The Sox just shot themselves in the face over and over and over again in September. This wasn’t as much a magical comeback as it was a goddamn collapse.

What a crazy night of baseball! Other than watching the Yankees lose, what a great night to be a baseball fan.
I am glad the Ellsbury call on the swinging bunt in the 9th didn’t figure in the outcome. The call should have stood. The home plate umpire cannot and should not overrule the 1st base umpire on an out/safe call. That’s his call, not the home plate umpires. Showalter was right in being so pissed.
Not to rub it in but didn’t it look like maybe Crawford was not 100% sure he needed to make that catch OR put himself in a spot to throw the runner out? Just looked like he was playing the ball like it was the 3rd inning of a game in June.
I am not going to compare the events of 2004 to this epic collapse, it’s not fair. Post season collapses carry more weight than regular season collapses. With that said this collapse by the Sox was just unforeseen, memorable and NUTS all at the same time. I don’t have to try and imagine the feeling, as we went through it in 2004…Just win 1 game, a single game and all this pain and disappointment could have been avoided. I guess Mets fans can relate to this as well, just a terrible feeling.
Now onto Detroit…asking the Yankees to beat Verlander twice in 2011 is quite the task.

I agree John, Crawford looks like he doesn’t realize the importance of that play. Some half-assed feet-first slide to try to catch the ball? Either lay out to try to make the catch or set yourself up to make a good throw. Crawford did neither.
For what it’s worth, Verlander has a 4.50 ERA in 12 innings against the Yankees this year.

He’s almost better taking that ball on a hop and positioning himself to throw out the runner. Sure they could have lost on the next pitch possibly, but you never know…Look what happened with the Yankees and Golson at 3rd, anything can happen.
I don’t know Ath, success or no success against the Yankees, Verlander has been the best pitcher in the game this year. All I keep thinking of is last year’s Giants. Haven’t seen the odds, but I’d imagine the smart money is on the Tigers.

Yankees fans are transparent: the fear of Verlander and the Tigers is just reverse-jinxing. Please. His career ERA against them is nearly 4.00.
It’s so phony.

Is that a serious comment? So me being a Yankee fan that’s fearful of the most dominant pitcher in the game is “phony”…really? Were the Giants the best team in the league last season? No, but they had the most dominant pitching. I would have much rather taken our chances with Texas and their ridiculous offense. Trust me I am not into the reverse jinx stuff, I will leave that for Krueg.

I understand the fear of Verlander, he’s great. But there’s no reason the Yankees can’t take a game off him and easily win the series. Really, they should be a big favorite (won the best division in baseball). Verlander can’t win the series on his own, and all the Yankees have to do is solve him once to make the Tigers’ task near-impossible.

John, you have been talking about how fearful of the Sox you are, how they were dangerous in your opinion and that you wanted them out. But they aren’t/weren’t dangerous – some of us have been saying this – be careful what you wish for. So there’s a touch of wolf-crying here that we don’t really buy, though we know you yourself are sincere in the belief.

SF, you sound pretty bitter right now. All John was saying is that Verlander is going to be tough to beat, which is completely true since he’s far-and-away the best pitcher in the AL this year. I don’t see how that’s crying wolf, regardless of how Verlander has done against the Yankees in the past.

No, I am not bitter – trying to be realistic. Verlander can only start two games and the Yankees only need to win one to make the Tigers’ job nearly impossible. Not only that, but the Tigers need to beat CC!!!

(that last point doesn’t help me: CC has poor career numbers against the Tigers, but I am not sure how much of that is due to playing with a crappy Indians team for a while)

Just to repeat – it’s not bitterness. Probably a little too strongly worded in that original post. Sorry about that, I am out of practice here!
Also, a little context: some of what I am saying refers WAY back to 1998, when the Yankees faced the Padres (and Kevin Brown), and the locals here couldn’t stop talking about how Kevin Brown was a monster and was going to dominate the Yankees and how hard a series it was going to be, all while the Padres were so clearly an inferior team (despite Brown).
We know how that turned out.

What I said regarding the Sox is genuine and sincere. I am not into reverse jinxing and so on. Just check the trail. Since the Sox assembled this team I thought (like NESN) that they could be the best time assembled in recent history. On PAPER this team this team should have been scary good. I picked the Sox to win the East and win the WS not because I was trying to jinx the Sox but because I TRULY believed that. On the flip side, I have been down on the Yankees since day one of the season. So this is nothing new. I did admit last week that I was wrong and Cashman deserved some credit for having faith in what he put together, but even still I didn’t have high expectations for this team come playoff time. So I don’t understand why I am not being taken at my word, but that’s fine. You guys are upset about losing and that’s understandable.
I will say this, after watching the Sox last night I kind of get what you guys have been saying about them not being good right now, etc…they didn’t look like themselves. More importantly they looked almost hesitant in their approach to the game, that’s not the Sox. Down 7,8 runs to the Yankees, no sweat…Down a run to Mo, no sweat. The Sox normally drip confidence and last night it was apparent that wasn’t there. Again it’s understandable as they hit a very rocky stretch and lost some very important pieces. But even with all that said a playoff series that featured Beckett and Lester at the front end and a lineup led by Ellsbury, Pedroia, Gonzalez and Papi still scares me and that’s me being honest. Streaks end and light switches go on. Those players I listed on paper are better than any player the Rays have never mind when you put them all in one lineup. I cannot emphasize this enough streak or no streak, epic collapse or not if this team got out of that funk they were going to be a dangerous out. But if you guys want to think I am being phony then by all means I’ll be phony.

I wasn’t here in 1998 and I was never scared of the Padres. The 1998 team is still my favorite team and it’s in my opinion the most dominant team I’ve ever seen.
SF, I know I’m going to get sh*t for this but…I love CC, he’s a horse, great pitcher and very grateful he’s on our team but he’s not a dominant force like Timmy was last year and Verlander is this year. Thanks to the MLB I’ve been able to watch a few of Verlander’s starts…the guy is freaking unhittable when he’s on. I mean from inning 1 to inning 9 he’s a beast. CC is not an “unhittable” kind of guy. He can carry a team and is an amazing pitcher, but he’s not a dominant shut your whole lineup down guy like Verlander.
K, I love it. I am happy for Nova and especially happy for Garcia. I think Girardi put the rest of the SP’s in the spots they are best suited for. Garcia in the pen is a waste. Colon in short spurts could be very good, same for Hughes. As for AJ, is it really necessary to carry him on the roster? When is he going to pitch? If we are down a bunch in the 2nd inning? I’d rather take another lefty and use Colon or Hughes if God forbid someone got hurt or flat out sucked. Also glad to see Jesus is OK. That would have sucked something awful.

Well, we know from last night that AJ can come out of the pen and get 1 out…so that’s a positive!
CC will be solid I would think. CSN has been great all year and certainly doesn’t look overwhelmed but this is the the real test. Freddy is a crafty vet but with Hughes and AJ in the pen, if he gets through 4 or 5 we can still pull out a win.
I don’t know why, but I feel good about the ALDS. Verlander is a beast, no doubt. But we have gotten to him before. EVERYONE on our team are fastball hitters so a 100 MPH fastball turned around by Cano, Tex, ARod, Curtis or Swish could end up in orbit.
Confidence from me is scary, I know.

Is anyone hearing anything about the Game 2 start time???? I have to be at a surprise party at 6pm CST and I am starting to get concerned that we won’t get the 6 or 9 game???

I love how SF though is now trying to ratchet up expectations for the Yankees. Seriously, man, who the hell are your friends hyping Kevin Brown at the expense of the 1998 team? That’s the best team in modern baseball history. They ran right over the Pads. Maybe there were a few YFs who weren’t exactly confident, but I bet they still watched the games!
The plain fact is this Yankees team has survived on smoke and mirrors (and stem cells) this year. I expected, and still expect, nothing from them. This year is gravy on top of 2009. It would hardly be an upset if any of the AL teams beats them. It would likely involve their pitching imploding or their bats going silent. I wouldn’t be surprised if either happens. The pitching staff is one, maybe two, deep. The offense is old after Granderson and Cano. It is what it is. But I’ll still be watching the games.
The Phillies are the clear class of baseball. If they don’t win, that would be shocking. But if the Yankees face them, I like their chances. They crush LHP, Oswalt is human, and Halladay they know. It’s a long way to go. Playoff baseball here we come!

Yankees announced the ALDS roster in case anyone cares…No Colon, No Romine, No 2nd lefty. Hughes, Burnett, Ayala and Wade all make it. Only issue I have is no Romine and it’s not that big of a deal. It’s obvious the kid can’t handle big league pitching yet and it’s a 5 game series. I just don’t get Burnett, but I’ll trust you Joe.

Again, but slower…”Only issue I have is no Romine and it’s not that big of a deal. It’s obvious the kid can’t handle big league pitching yet and it’s a 5 game series.”
No hit and the best defensive catcher we have in the entire system besides Martin. I like defense, always have. I would have liked to see Romine, but as I said for the reasons I stated, not a big deal.

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