Pleased To Meet Me: Yanks-Twins Gamer

C.C. Sabathia looks to bounce back from giving up five home runs in one game.  Don’t Tell A Soul but five dingers in one start is not all that rare thing in baseball: three other pitchers have done it this year.  Heck, Tim Wakefield once gave up six and won the game, so Let It Be.  More importantly, C.C. looks All Shook Down from 12 runs given up in his last 14 innings.

Brian Duensing is on the mound for the TCTs.  He opened his season against the Yankees, picking up a no-decision in the Twins victory.

ARod is in Minnesota but is not in the lineup tonight.  In completely unrelated news, Prince, Paul Westerberg, Grant Hart, Winona Ryder, and Garrison Keillor are among the North Star State luminaries attending a no limit deuce to seven draw Hootenanny at a private country club on the shores of Lake Minnetonka.

Purify yourself and comment away.

NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .290
C. Granderson cf .277
M. Teixeira 1b .247
R. Cano 2b .306
N. Swisher dh .269
A. Jones rf .238
E. Nunez 3b .263
F. Cervelli c .245
B. Gardner lf .284
C. Sabathia 2.93
B. Revere cf .253
T. Plouffe 2b .206
J. Mauer rf .281
J. Morneau 1b .226
J. Thome dh .259
D. Valencia 3b .244
R. Tosoni lf .215
T. Nishioka ss .214
D. Butera c .167
B. Duensing 4.53

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Yeah, they just explained it right after I asked.
People keep talking about Mauer’s power outage, but he’s never been a power hitter other than his ridiculous 2009 season. Unrealistic expectations. He’s a Wade Boggs type hitter.
Gardner flies to right, Nunez tags and scores. 1-0.

I got hooked on The Replacements while reading Our Band Could Be Your Life. That book redeemed the 80’s for me.
Yanks win! Nice recovery for Sabathia tonight after an absolutely shitty start to the game.

That was a particulalry satisfying game for some reason. I think the fact that CC made a mid-game adjustment (right after Cervelli visited the mound I think) that seemed to right whatever went wrong with him in the previous couple of starts and in the first 2 innings yesterday was a big part of it as was the fact that everyone seemed to have a good night last night (Jeter again, Granderson again, Teix, Swish, Jones, Nunez, Cano, Cervelli), including great baserunning by Nunez and some highlight-reel defense by Teix and Cano. Anyway, hopefully the rest of the rotation can follow CC’s lead now as they were pretty bad to a man the last time through and have been simply bailed out by an offensive juggernaut and superb bullpen. Speaking of which, David Robertson is ridiculously good right now. He has been all season, but now he no longer seems to walk as many guys before shutting down the other team. He looks as much like a potential heir to Mariano as we’ve seen, esp. with his own impressive cutter, his incredibly high K-rate, which is more classic-closer than Mo’s contact-pitcher style, and his unflappable demeanor. Of course, Robertson needs to contiune this in the post-season and next year to qualify, but he certainly looks the part.

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