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Poor Magglio, ever the Forgotten

Poor Magglio, ever the Forgotten One. Perhaps Lee is the MVP of the Sox, but Ordonez hits for a higher average and with more power, gets on base more often, and plays fine defense. Halladay vs. Pedro is clearly the Cy matchup. Loaiza looked like he was a lock after the victory over the Yankees in late August but has been sliding since, including a series of losses with playoff implications. The only other candidate I see is Keith Foulke. Pedro is the best pitcher in baseball, and if you ask me belongs in the Hall (compare his stats to Koufax and they’re practically identical). But this year, the numbers point to Halladay for the award. Even if you throw away the record he’s started 7 more games than Pedro and has pitched 75 more innings. And even discounting his wins, a mere 6 losses in 34 starts is terrific, and his 3.18 era is solid. Comparison of the day: Nomar road stats (72 games): .244 ba, 34 rbi, 8 hr, 8 2b Derek road stats (49 games): .340 ba, 34 rbi, 3 hr, 14 2b

Posted by YF on 9/18/2003 01:45:49 PM

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