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Posada Re-Ups; Mo to Follow?

Take a deep breath Yankee fans: The News reports Jorge Posada has signed a four year, $52 million contract to remain in Pinstripes. Fitting that he came in as a protege to Joe G., and will now serve under him again, but as a veteran. Who will become the Posada to Posada? The Yanks bought themselves some time to figure that out. A steep price, but there was not much of an alternative, in any sense. After a rocky start to the offseason, this returns a bit of stability to the franchise. Reports suggest Mo is likely to follow Posada’s lead.

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I have to say this is a HUGE relief. Phewww. I know he is older and in the downside of his career, but replacing what he brings to this team would have been very difficult/almost impossible. Years 3 and 4 could be rough, but in order to get 1 and 2, you had to swallow and live with 3 and 4. Losing Alex stung, but keeping a lifer makes a little of that sting go away. Now wrap up Mo and I may be asking Alex Who? (I am joking, I know we can’t replace those numbers.)

a win-win for sure. We needed Jorge and he deserves the cash and the years. Its nice to see he will likely go out as a yankee. Maybe even into the hall as one!

Definitely 3 years+option would’ve been better, but considering the alternatives…*brrrr* Welcome back, Jorgie!
Here’s a question: did Posada set the market with this contract and what does this mean for A-Rod? And, related, say Alex can’t get a deal better than 25-28 mil per. Provided he asks nicely, do the Yanks take him back? Not saying they should or shouldn’t. Just wondering what folks think.

If I’m the Yankees, I do this deal over and over again. The Sox did the same thing with Tek after 2004, and may again after 2008. You gotta accept the likely offensive decline to keep that caliber leader around the clubhouse and on the field. And it’s not like Posada isn’t producing anyway.
Incidentally, Baseball-Reference’s similarity scores have a fun feature where they project a player’s career-ending stats based on the ultimate trajectories of his top 10 comps through his current age. According to them, Posada gets another four years, where he would finish just below his current career line of .277/.381/.479 while averaging more than 15 HR a year and finishing his career with a 120 OPS+. That would be a higher career OPS+ than Munson or Fisk, but lower than Gene Tenace and Mickey Tettleton. The vast majority of players in the top 15 career OPS+ among catchers are Hall of Famers though, and Posada would be 13th. I imagine if Posada rounds out these four years even at just league average, he’d probably punch his ticket to the Hall.

Big difference between Posada and Varitek. The former is top five in VORP the last two years. Varitek isn’t even close.
“Caliber leader” means nothing and there’s no evidence to suggest that Varitek deserves an extension. Posada, with his 102 points of isolated discipline in his career, has proven his bat will age decently as his power declines.
This extension for Posada is a simple case of where the Yankees had a dire need and there was nothing close, in the minors or as a FA. He had leverage and used it.

It’s a fair enough contract, in terms of comparative standards. He’s making less per year than Bobby Abreu, and he’s at the same level as Damon/Matsui: and he’s a better player than any of them, and more important. It looks like the Yanks needed to throw in that 4th year to get the deal done, that’s just how they have to use their immense financial leverage. The downside is that, toward the end of the contract, you’ve got a stationary DH with less than stellar power numbers (though my guess is he’ll retain a decent OPS: he’s always had a good eye). The good news for the Yanks is that Joe G. (like his predecessor) certainly understands the toll a season takes on a catcher, and hopefully will be able to mitigate the problem to the greatest extent possible.

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