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Hey, I am sure there are lots of sincere SoCal baseball fans, but does anyone else have the sense that those in attendance at Chavez Ravine tonight are a) clueless about the general moves of a baseball game (booing a pitcher’s fake to third, fake to first pickoff move? Why?!), b) there because an agent gave their client a ticket who gave it to their assistant who couldn’t go so gave it to them, an old unemployed college friend, as they had nothing to do on a Sunday night, c) just looking for some sushi, or d) trying to get in the next episode of “Curb Your Enthusiasm”?

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Typical LA. Meanwhile, why is Fox annoying those of us watching this game at 11:00 PM with Skippy the Talking Baseball, a feature designed to explain the game to children. If they’re going to trot this thing out, they could at least do it before the kiddies are tucked in. Booo.

And it’s not only the fans. Watching the end of the game with Izzy fanning the last guy and the ensuing celebration, I was struck, along with my fellow NYC bar-goers, that the Dodgers were on the field almost immediately, hugging the Cards and giving them props and hi-fives and all but prompting them to sign their senior-year yearbooks before leaving. Now, okay, I’m all for sportsmanship, and I know this sort of congratulations happens after NFL games pretty routinely, and that in hockey the post-game lineups to shake hands is part of the tradition, but it just seemed odd to me that Gagne and psychotic Milton Bradley were out there looking none the worse for just being eliminated from the playoffs. They looked almost *relieved.* God knows that shit ain’t gonna happen with the Sox and Yanks, no matter what the outcome. I mean, is this an East Coast/West Coast thing? Are we the psychotic ones? Are they entirely lame?

As a Sox fan and former New Yorker now exiled in Studio City (the name says it all), I can provide the answer: “Yes, they are entirely lame.” It’s just not the same. Dodgers fans are decently knowledgeable but not very passionate, while Angels fans are decently passionate but not very knowledgeable. For a real baseball crowd you have to go to a Sox bar like Sonny McLean’s on Wilshire, where everybody’s from Boston.

For some reason, I kind of enjoyed the “sportsmanship,” but you are right, guys like Gagne looked way too happy to be out there. This type of stuff happens all the time in the NBA, but the guys don’t usually look that happy about it.
Anyway, I think both teams should dial down some of the hatred for this series. In the big picture, with the deal with Mariano’s family, it’s just some ballgames. There as fun, important, and exciting as ballgames get, but still ballgames.

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