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The unfortunate news for the Twins is that Justin Morneau is not being considered for a return to action during the post-season.  That's ostensibly an advantageous situation for the Yankees, but it is not something to describe as "good news."  Here's hoping Morneau's injury and its lasting consequences heal as soon as possible.  He is a great talent.

What may be considered "good news" is that the Yankees are supposedly dropping Burnett from the rotation, going with C.C., Pettitte, Hughes and back to C.C. on short rest if needed.  Yes please.

The post-season starts tomorrow in Minneapolis.  Share your thoughts about the upcoming series.

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“…the Yankees are supposedly dropping Burnett from the rotation…”
like i said the other day, the most expensive long relief “specialist” in baseball history, although i hope he’s not used at all…something tells me the only “relief” he would provide is to the twins hitters, happy to get the extra live-game batting practice…

Let’s not talk about he who shall not be named…he will play no part in this thankfully!
10+ hours until game time…LET’S GO YANKEES!!!! I cannot wait.

Psyched for playoff baseball. In CC we trust.
Fully expect Jeter and A-Rod to have big Octobers. Still wish Gardner was leading off and Jeter batting second, but oh well.
And I have about as much confidence in Joba these days as I do in AJ – which is to say, none. Robertson, Wood, Logan, Mo are the only guys I want to see out of that pen.
Play Ball!!!!!

I also hope they play Gardner instead of Kearns no matter who is pitching…Garnder’s defensive prowess is worth any chance that Kearns actually hits the ball!!!
(My boss and co-workers up in Minny are already running their mouths…)

i’m surprised that kearns even made the roster, unless joe’s strategy is to use him in a key strike out, rally-killing situation…make the twins over-confident that way…hmm, i guess that’s why he’s the manager, and i’m bracing myself for an embarrassing exit from the playoffs…
“…(My boss and co-workers up in Minny are already running their mouths…)…”
yeah, i’m already getting my stones crushed krueg…mostly by “rays fans” [is that an oxymoron?], who apparently recently had the revelation that there is a team in tampa to root for that gives them the license to jack me around…fun stuff

Nice dc…I laughed at that Kearns take.
I love how random fans just love to take a shot at the Yankees. I cannot count how many times I’ve just been out watching a game and people just walk up to say they hate the Yankees. But YF’s are the assholes, right? Not. Jealous losers.
Unrelated note…the Sox ownership bought Liverpool FC. I wonder how our SF brethren feel about this? Will they spend more money on players over in England? Interesting seeing as Liverpool has been down too…

What the bejesus is a Liverpool FC?
The only thing in England I care about is Bass Ale:)
As an aside, you know my stance: I’d rather the Sox finish in fourth place every year for the next ten years than spend what NY spends on a baseball team every year. I know I’m the loner, but I’ve never waivered from that stance. A good baseball team can be built for less than 220M dollars a year. Not a knock on NY, but I don’t want the Red Sox to be in that rarified air. In fact, I don’t want the Sox to make any moves beyond strict need this winter, and let the guys who played this year continue to do so.

How the hell did the Rays score so many runs? Carlos Pena: .732 OPS (.196 BA!! Holy hell!)
Ben Zobrist: .699
BJ Upton: .745
Jason Bartlett: .675
The two productive hitters each have a good, but not exactly eye-popping, OPS
Crawford: .851
Longoria: .879
Team OPS: .736 (.790 with RISP, .783 with runners on)
I’m watching the Texas vs Tampa Bay game, and it’s just striking how much of the Rays lineup just had awful years. And I thought the Yankees were full of career worst years.

3-0 Rangers in the 3rd! :)
Brad, I know you say that all the time bro but it’s awfully convenient being that your team doesn’t spend like the Yankees. But I really think, if the Sox has the level of success the Yankees have and spent the money, you wouldn’t abandon your team or anything. It is what it is and I’m not denying your sincerity, just that if the shoe were to be on the other foot I doubt you would be so anti-spending. And again, you are to most teams in the league what the we are to you so…

…oh, and I think you were kidding but Liverpool is an English Premier League soccer team. They are one of the most storied, successful teams in England. On par with maybe the Cards or Sox. Good, solid competitive team. One of the biggest in England.
SO…are the Sox owners going to focus more on Liverpool because of the global nature of soccer? Could it hurt the Sox more than their spend-thrift ways already have? I guess we’ll see…

Wow, this joint really took a nosedive in the last year. Seems every SF around here really has been riding the bandwagon. It’s too bad. The Sox have a nice nucleus for the future.
Shrug. I knew it wasn’t my fault. But it’s always nice when reality affirms the obvious. Hell, Paul SF gave up too? That dude liked to shine shit (i.e., JD Drew) and call it gold.

Yeah, I see what you’re saying, but the real convenience is that I’ve never had that issue to deal with; the Red Sox have never agreed to match the Yankees dollar for dollar, and I’m happy about that.
Also, I hate how the Red Sox are looked at simply because of the likeness it shares with how Sox fans look at the Yankee payroll.
I would love for the Sox to let Papi walk, let Tek walk, let Martinez walk, trade Papelbon for prospects, trade Dice-K for anything to anyone, trade Ellsbury and sign Crawford and go to battle with that.
Next years lineup, I hope, involves Lars, McDonald, and Lowrie. If they lose, they lose, but at least I don’t have to be embarrassed by it in the end.
I’d LOVE for the Sox to fall out of the top five or ten altogether in payroll, and I don’t care how much profit they make. Use that money for mid-season aquisitions imo.
Also, the Liverpool (no, I wasn’t joking, I’ve never heard of them till today) thing is cause for concern, for sure. But, so was the racing thing, and that really didn’t pan out either. I think they’re probably buying low with hopes to do what they did in Fenway, where they also bought low.

Cliff Lee: 7.0 IP; 1ER; 10K; 0BB.
And with that line, his career post-season stats become:
6 G; 7.2 IP/start (this is the first of those 6 playoff games in which he has not gone 8 innings); 43K (over 7 per start) and 6 BB (just 1 per start); a 1.52 ERA, and a .8033 WHIP.
Simply dominant.

Screw the Rays and their 15 fans. :)
PS LET’S GO YANKEES!!!! Grabbed a 12 pack on the way home…

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