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Post-Season Prediction Thread

Statistics won't guide these predictions. Compelling narratives with titles will.

Yanks-Twins: "Joe' Reasserts His Joeness and Poops on Cindarella's Dress"
Synopsis: Joe Girardi has lived in the shadow of a man conveniently named Joe. The Joe before Joe remains a ghost whose presence cannot be ignored. The new Joe does not feel like a real Joe since he has not succeeded like the previous Joe. This first series marks the beginning of Joe's transformation into a real Joe. Meanwhile, in Minnesota, there is talk of a Cindarella running around. She is the fake Cindarella. The fairytale has become absurd given Late Capitalism's contradictions and the current economic collapse. Upward mobility is an obsolete concept. Fake Cindarella returns to poor existence and cruel stepfamily.
Prediction: Yanks in 4

Sox-Angels: "Statheads vs. MSM, The J.D. Drew Story"
Synopsis: The series is incidental. J.D. Drew manages to get on base more than half the time. He hits several extra base hits, maybe a homer or two. Yet he does not drive in a run, somehow.  He looks indifferent throughout. Nothing changes and yet the discussion continues. The Internet is active during the winter months.
Prediction: Sox in 4

Philadelphia-Colorado: "Rocky vs. Rockies"
Synopsis: The opening scene shows Rocky in a kitchen. He breaks open an egg into a bowl, takes out a Viagra pill and downs it with the raw yolk. Rocky is old. He once was rich. He once was able to run. Then a knock on the door. Rocky opens it to find a gaggle of Rocky clones all waiting on his front lawn. Rocky understands what has happened: Modern science has run amuck. In order for him to harness its potentially good power, he must defeat it by taking on each and every Rocky clone in a boxing tournament that lasts several months. A long movie but it's worth the pay-off.
Prediction: Philly in 5

Dodgers-Cardinals: "Is it Ironic?"
Synopsis: At the heart of this story is a central question: Is it ironic? Is it ironic that Joe Torre and Manny Ramirez are now teamed up and might very well stand in the way of either the Yanks or the Sox winning the World Series? Is it ironic that Jason Bay has had a better year than Manny Ramirez or that Cardinal fans are supposedly the best fans in the world even though they aren't? Is it somehow ironic that Joe Torre once coached the Cardinals?
Prediction: Cardinals in 4

ALCS: Yanks in 7

NLCS: Cardinals in 6

World Series: Yanks in 6

Your turn

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Mine: The Twins steal one from the Yankees, who prevail in four; the Halos put up more of a fight, with the Sox just squeaking past in five.
(National League, Schmashional League. I’ll worry about that when Boston reaches the World Series.)

Awesome post Nick. My prediction: Yanks in 11 – as in 11 wins across ALDS, ALCS, and WS. Nothing else matters or concerns me. But I loved the post.

“Upward mobility is an obsolete concept. Fake Cindarella returns to poor existence and cruel stepfamily. ”
who needs sabermetrics when we’ve got nick, and the single best prediction post on the web! bravo!
yanks in……

Yankees sweep
Angels sweep
Yankees win in 5
Phillies in 4
Dodgers in 5
Dodgers win in 7
YANKEES WIN IN 5!!!! #27 BABY!!!!

Hilarious post Nick.
ALDS: Yanks, 5 games
ALDS: Angels, 5 games
ALCS: Angels, 4 games
NLDS: Cardinals, 3 games
NLDS: Phillies, 4 games
NLCS: Cardinals, 5 games
WS: Cardinals, 5 games

Well Sam I feel like the Angels are going to get hot; keep in mind I have them beating the Sox too.
I’m probably the only person in the world who is choosing the Angels over the Sox. I just have a really bad feeling about this series, ya know?

“Oh no, kreug has predicted a positive outcome for the Yankees. All is lost.”
They don’t need me anymore…they’re ready brother!!!

and just as a side note…..
CC tonite – 7IP, 1 H, 0 ER 11 K’s
Posted by: sf rod | Wednesday, October 07, 2009 at 02:00 PM
I fixed that for you Rod…we all make typos! ;)

This SF is torn.
I have been a life long SF, but have tix for game 7 of the WS in Yankee Stadium.
Nah, I’m not torn. That’s a game I’d be happy to not be able to go to!

Phillies over Rox. Dodgers over Cards. Dodgers over Phillies.
Yankees over Twins. Red Sox over Angels. Yankees over Red Sox.
Yankees over Dodgers.

Sox in 5
Yanks in 3
Dodgers in 5
Rox in 4
Sox in 7
Dodgers in 5
Sox in 4.
Man, how sweet would it be for Torre and the Red Sox to be in the WS.

“Man, how sweet would it be for Torre and the Red Sox to be in the WS”
Not sweet at all actually. In fact, sour is what comes to mind. And a little bitter too.

NYY>Min 3
NYY>RS 7 (booooo)
PP>Rox 4
NYY>StLC 6 with smoltz giving up the game winner

Not sweet at all actually. In fact, sour is what comes to mind. And a little bitter too.
Bitter? Not sure what I should be bitter about, or for that matter, sour. I think LA is the weakest of the NL teams in AL parks, and, I was more speaking to the idea that Boston would have the shot of beating Manny and Torre at the same time.
Not sweet at all actually..
Well, you know what they say about opinions.

Yanks in 3
Sox in 5
Phils in 4
Cards in 5
Yanks in 6
Phils in 7
Yanks in 5
This is the year for them. I just feel it. God, I hope I’m wrong.

Brad – relax. That was self-deprecating humor. Try it some time. I was suggesting that it would be sour and bitter FOR ME – a yankee fan – to see those two teams in the WS.

little surprised no one else is taking the twins. they’re 17 of their last 21, fundamentally sound, and on a huge emotional upswing. we saw the strikingly similar rockies club go unconscious in their playoff run 2 years ago. match that with a club who has a tendency for short series disappointment, and i think it’s a better series than people are billing it.

Sox and Yankees both sweep. Phillies also sweep, St. Louis over LA in 4 (and to answer your question, no, none of those things are ironic :P. More cooincidental.)
Yankess over Sox in 7 (coughreversejinxcough), St. Louis over Phillies in 6, Yanks sweep St. Louis in the series.

sf rod,
The Twins are not really fundamentally sound. They make errors and misplays fairly often. But, because they’re the Twins, people take it as gospel that they “do the little things” and “play the game the right way” and all that.
That said, the Yankees played 7 games with the Twins this season (all NYY wins), and 6 of them were really close. The Twins have a great closer, some other good relievers, and 4 darn good hitters (1 phenomenal hitter, and 3 good ones, so maybe that’s like 5). Sure they could win. The rookie they are throwing tonight could baffle the Yankees and CC could have yet another October disappointment, bad AJ shows up… etc.
But the Yankees are a much better team. I’ll say Yanks in 4.

I think the Sox are better than last year’s team, but the Yanks are a bit better than the Sox this year.
Sox in 5
Yanks in 4
Yanks in 7
Phillies in 3
Dodgers in 5
Phillies in 6
Phillies in 6

The Yanks were hot in 2007 going in, before bugs came. That is all my argument for ignoring these “hot teams” argument.
That said, it’s a 5 game series..

More predictions:
1. Not only will Papelbon allow a run, but he will blow a save
2. The announcers will talk about “Angels Baseball” every 90 seconds
3. Burnett will throw a no-hitter against the Twins, prompting Posada to go on a profanity-laden rant to the media
4. Sabathia will have an OKAY outing against the Angels, but get destroyed in both games in the ALCS (they’ll bring him in on short rest to pitch Game 4)

Ok, for reference, my picks from pre-season. Ignore my idiotic fascination with the Mets. And the Indians. Those are cleary typos, and I meant “Rockies” and “Twins”. But in the end, I refuse to revise the predictions even in the face of the facts on the ground, unlike my fellow Mods. I stand by my errors!!! Stubbornly!!
ALDS: Sox over Cleveland
ALDS: Yankees over LAA
ALCS: Sox over Yanks. Sox take it 6-5 in eleven games. MLB extends this series to milk every last cent out of the fans and television ratings. Yankees season comes to a sudden, empty, and emotionally crushing halt for our metropolis. New York City returns to being a wonderful place to live.
NLDS: Mets over Dodgers
NLDS: Phillies over Cubs
NLCS: Mets over Phillies
WS: Sox over Mets, revenge, which doesn’t really feel necessary at this point considering 2004 and 2007, finally arrives. Ray Knight blows out elbow throwing out first ball at Game 3, making the series an even bigger success.

rob- some of the “little” things they do best are the ones i think will play a factor in this series.
they don’t give free passes. 29th in walks allowed. 27th in errors. 3rd in fielding percentage. cabrerra changes that team defensively for the last two months of the season. he and punto make for a pretty solid double play combo.

I’m sure you all have talked about this and I don’t know how I missed it, but I just read that Don Orsillo is doing the Sox/Angles series play by play.
My god that makes me happy.
On topic, Red Sox all the way, they don’t lose a game.

predictions ain’t worth a shi*
but, what the heck…lock nailed it:
“…Red Sox all the way, they don’t lose a game…”

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