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Pre-Game Reading in the Daily News

A few links from the Daily News to peruse while awaiting the return of baseball action in the chilly Bronx tonight.

  • You should read Mike Lupica. He might cry if you don’t. Sorry, Mike, that was unkind. This article actually didn’t cheese me off the way his writing usually does, and though it is mostly fluff, I appreciated the brief quote from Robertson.
  • John Harper writes about the key to defusing ARod’s ferocious talent.
  • However, unless Arod hits .800 and drives in 17 runs, we will always have to read ominous foreboding admonishing dreck like this.
  • Tim Smith writes that Johnny Damon’s performance in the ALCS may be the deciding factor whether Damon gets an offer for 2010.
  • I hope Filip Bondy keeps writing articles forever. Bondy transports me to see Joe Girardi in the great hall of his castle, paraded with statues of his forefathers, on one knee with sword in hand and reverently introspective, hoping to be “worthy.” Bondy says Mike Scioscia, who is one of the best managers in baseball (because he is +23 on the Best Manager scalings and because it says so under Mike’s picture in the article) will be Girardi’s greatest challenge as a manager. I don’t know of a better method for creating BMs. Until I do, I will assume it canon. I also thought Girardi’s greatest challenge was managing the Yankees. Anyway, should Girardi defeat Mighty Mike (sorry Mike, that was unkind), he shall have no respite as he may then have to face the perhaps invincible Joe Torre, who hath wrought an unfathomably large +26 BMs in the same time frame as Scioscia. Or Charlie Manuel. Only an ass would make fun of somebody whose name is “Charlie”, who won a ring despite creating 0 BMs in his tenure. Sorry Chuck, that was unkind. Anyway, should Girardi wrest one of the four rings of power from Torre (or one from Charlie), he still will not be afforded sleep until he rips an arm from the marauding beast terrorizing the farmers of his serfdom who name Joe “Liege” and hangs that trophy over the door of his Keep.

Back with more from the field of battle as we near game-time. Be sure to don your waders, or galoshes, or whatever you call the rubbers you wear to keep you out of the muck. Sorry muck, that was unkind.

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like i said the other day, these guys are bored until they have a real event to write about…if the game gets rained out tonight, they’ll probably have a collective meltdown…

50% chance of rain in the Bronx, looks like it’s going to start right around 8…I wonder if they even bother starting it, there’s a 50%+ chance through the night. I hope that if there is no “window” they push the game back. Losing CC or Lackey for game #1 would be a tough break for both teams. I have tickets to tomorrow’s game and that game’s status looks even more bleak than today’s. Monday will be gorgeous though…

But, it could go both ways – if the weather is bad, the plate ump could allow for a bigger zone (such BS) in order to move the game along a little faster.

What I meant was…if the game isn’t called early, then CC and Lackey will warm up, go through everything as normal and quite possibly we could lose them if the game was delayed and then canceled. They might go game #2 instead. I just hope it’s one or the other, not a delay. I wouldn’t want to see the series integrity compromised on either side. Win or lose.
How are you Brad? I was up at QU a few weeks back. Had a tourney in North Branford.

Both shoulders of the MLB season have sleet on them. Global warming isn’t a sure bet to fix the problem. What to do?
Phillies lead 1-0 in the fourth, but Padilla seems to be settling down.

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