Pre-post mortem on the Schilling

Pre-post mortem on the Schilling thing. WFAN commentators, fans, and now even relatively (maybe that is a stretch, actually) scribes alike are all lamenting the Claussen for Boone deal, the jist being that if they still had Claussen they would now have Schilling. One biq question: ARE THESE PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR MINDS? Didn’t Boone win the 7th game against the Red Sox? Yeah, in general, he pretty much stunk, but what kind of logic is this? From the Post today: This deal also points out how nice it would be if the Yankees still had lefty Brandon Claussen around to deal, instead of having shipped him off to the Reds for third baseman Aaron Boone. The Yankees desperately need to make the right move, something that has eluded them of late and that means signing Andy Pettitte without delay, which was a main topic of their summit session, according to insiders.

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