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If only MLB would follow the original instincts of the Northern League, and then let me and my co-blogger participate in their bizarrely creative promotional idea.  I don’t think YF has touched a joystick, not his own, in almost 25 years, whereas the lingering 11 year-old Atari addict in me hasn’t ever been able to shake the video game habit, even through marriage and an 8 month old kid!  I am pretty sure if this ever panned out the Sox would enter the third with a double-digit , nay, triple-digit lead.

(hat tip to Kotaku for the link) 

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  • The only problem is, that much like the 49ers and Bills in Super Tecmo Bowl, the Yankees are absolutely disgusting in the game. A triple digit lead, even against a mediocre player, would probably not happen.
    I can’t believe I laid down a comment on this. lol. How bored am I right now?

    Brad-SF June 28, 2005, 9:52 pm

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