Prospective Opponents: Rays-Tribe AL Wild Card Gamer

The Sox and their fans have a stake in this one…the winner heads to Boston for an ALDS game Friday. Tito’s Tribe or Maddon’s Tools…I’d be happy for the Sox to squash either.

Cobb vs. Salazar. Comment.

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  • It’s the Rays, as we figured it would be. Their rotation and the matchups with ours scare me, but their lineup and bullpen do not. There are no easy teams in the playoffs. Bring ’em.

    Devine October 2, 2013, 11:55 pm
  • “…There are no easy teams in the playoffs….”


    i agree with you that the sox have an edge in bullpen and lineup…but it’s not uncommon for powerhouse regular season lineups [see yankees in recent years] to go weak and impotent in the post season and we have more pitchers duels, or in the case of the yankees, the other team gets a lead that the yankees can’t overcome rendering the best closer of all time a moot point…all the more important for the sox to get into that rays bullpen when they can…easier said than done, but in other words get a lead early…don’t expect joe m to have a quick hook unless somebody’s getting hammered…i don’t underestimate the effect of jitters and of course the fact that post season teams tend to have better pitching which is a big reason they got there in the first place…my big question about the sox is whether the long layoff makes the team a bit rusty, or does the extra rest rejuvenate them a bit…then again it’s only 4 days, about the length of the all star break…i dunno…play ball…hahaha

    dc October 3, 2013, 11:20 am

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