Push ‘Em Back, Push ‘Em Back, Waaay Back

Just returned from our hot and humid nation’s capital, future home, we hope, of the Expos. (Will they remain the Expos? Go back to the Senators? The Sexpos?). Whatever they’re called, they’d better make the fences at Kerry Park deep. At 90 degrees and 100 percent humidity, that ball will be jumping.

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  • Red Sox fans are deranged, retarded in the head fans… Always blaming the Yankees for their failure. How can you morons say the Yankees suck when NY is always excelling in the post-season and you guys are watching your team lose. I hate the Red Sox fans… They give such a asshole representation of their team and their city. Infatuation with a team that throughout history has simply been better… It’s really plain and simple… This false rivalry that is made up by Boston fans and the media… What Rivalry? Last time I checked to have a great rivalry both teams would have to have their own equal and respected sucesses which the Red Sox have not had. Oh, and let me mentioneed the unprofessianal team you guys put out there to play everyday. A bunch of asshole, hairy, pine-tar fucking fat players… Stop the fucking hugging, stop the shit slogans (Cowboy Up!), Manny and Pedro be a little more mature and act like leaders!!! Varitek, stop trying to be the hard ass “yeah I love my team” prick. Schilling just shut the fuck up and go away. Stop acting like the boss in the dugout! Nomar, I like you, just leave and get away from this 617 mess. Trot, Mueller… fucking shave!!!!! Ortiz you fat “Papi” prick, stop wearing cups on your ears and jumping around the dugout like an unsupervised kid… act like you’ve been there before! Wakefield, you’re not even a real fucking pitcher, aren’t you embarassed… and you fucking stink!!!! And last… Kevin MIllar… I hate you more than any of these guys… You are a complete fat prick with a stupid ape attitude that does’nt suit a city like Boston… Nobody cares about your fat, fucking fake smile and your shit grin… Go back to Texas fat boy!!!!! Oh, two more… Grady… you never did know how to coach… and Terry you look like a lost kangaroo sitting there in the dugout… No-one respects you at all and you also don’t know how to keep you’re players in check!!!! I’m done… Goodnight!!!

    Anonymous July 28, 2004, 11:30 am
  • Ummm….Wowee.

    JCL (YF) July 28, 2004, 12:06 pm
  • Glad to hear from the peanut gallery. It would be nice if those with such profound statements and bold ideas would at least identify themselves, even pseudonymously, as opposed to leaving no clue to allegiance or identity.

    SF July 28, 2004, 12:09 pm
  • Possible security measures at YFSF? Say it aint so. Brian and Theo would cease to visit in that case.
    Is the author Mia – only likes Nomar. Interesting.

    JCL (YF) July 28, 2004, 1:10 pm
  • Police thyselves, folks. Let’s keep the commentary above board. We know A-Rod and Tek are checking in daily, and we don’t want to offend those fragile egos with swear words: we’ve all seen how they react.

    YF July 28, 2004, 1:51 pm
  • In the spirit of the esteemed A-Rod, YFSF will defend itself against all attacks, whether verbal or physical, and will not cease to appeal to all our fans and posters to write with dignity and class, knowing full well the occasional four-letter word can’t help but be thrown out there. If you can’t do that, well, as A-Rod said, “F*** You!”

    SF July 28, 2004, 1:54 pm
  • wow that was some rant. i must say that i am a yankee fan and i do enjoy your site. i think you both need to write more open letters to the GM’s. Cash is gonna be in hot shit w/George if the Unit doesn’t pick us. George King in the Post today says he could be one by saturday (?).

    casey July 28, 2004, 2:07 pm

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