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Quarter Done

Today’s loss by the Yankees marked the 41st game of the reggalar season, which is now officially more than one-quarter done. The popular sentiment right now may be to say, “no, gerb, stick a fork in your eye because it is fully done.”

Maybe. Let’s look back to see where the Yankees were 25% into the season and where they wound up.

Year WL@41 rank finish
2012 21-20 4th  ?
2011 22-19 2nd  1st
2010 25-16 2nd  2nd
2009 24-17 3rd  1st
2008 20-21 4th  3rd
2007 18-24 4th  2nd
2006 24-17 2nd  1st
2005 21-20 4th  1st
2004 24-17 2nd  1st
2003 27-14 1st  1st
2002 26-15 2nd  1st
2001 22-19 2nd  1st
2000 24-17 2nd  1st
1999 23-18 2nd  1st
1998 31-10 1st  1st
1997 24-17 2nd  2nd
1996 25-16 1st  1st
1995 16-25 5th  4th

The Yankees sit 5.5 back of the O’s. The 2007 Yankees were 10.5 out after 41 games but went on to the playoffs. Never mind how poorly they fared once they got there. None of these numbers should make anyone feel better (except in a nostalgic sense when one reflects on how much ass that ’98 team kicked), but they also shouldn’t make anyone feel worse.

Just beat KC.

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Thanks for the perspective ag. I’m trying to hold onto hope, but the meat of our order just gets more and more rancid. Teixeira’s .281 OBP and A-Rod’s sub-.400 SLG are just unsightly. I’m guessing that in 1-2 years the Yankees will be paying A-Rod upwards of $25 million to hit 7th in the lineup at best.

3 losing marks out of 18 first quarter records of the season. That’s an awfully nice way to spend almost two decades rooting for a team. I don’t know that either of our teams are going to do anything this year (but I can be hopeful about one of them).

We’ve had a nice run boys…but it’s over.
They want to get the payroll down which means we will be reliant on Cashman to build a team through the draft? Ha.
We’re fucked.
It’s over.
I cannot wait to see ARod and Tex in another year or two. I mean, they are horrible failures now. Let alone then.
And don’t forget CC. 32, hardly dominant.
That’s $75 million out of $189 million in 3 old, slow, declining players.
Cano and Granderson will get their’s. Another $40 million?
So $115 million on 5 players.
We are done.

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