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Anyone else see the play-by-play of Halladay’s perfect game and think that the home plate umpire ought to have co-listing in the history book?

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All I saw SF were the highlights on ESPN and from those alone I have to agree with you. Halladay seemed to get a good foot off the plate on BOTH sides as well as a few inches below the knees of batters. To be fair, I didn’t see how much leeway the opposing pitcher Johnson got (he only gave up one BB in 7.0 IP so he too either had extremely good command or benefitied from a large zone or some combination) but yeah, I was thinking the exact same thing after watching the few highlights I caught.

i agree with you guys…it wasn’t joe let’s hurry up and get the game over so i can eat west behind home plate was it?

Yanks and Indians locked in another tense game. 2-1 good guys in the top of the 7th. Following-up on Burnett’s 8.0 IP/1ER performance yesterday, Pettitte is pitching another gem. These have been some tight close games. He has retired 15 of the last 16 batters.

Right on cue Krueg — A-Rod with the grand slam DEEP into straight-away-center.
In other news, Jeter out with “tight” hamstring. It feels like this team will never field their entire starting line-up this year.

In the 7th inning of these 4 games between the Yanks and Indians, the two teams have combined to score 25 runs. (random stats for those of us stuck working on Memorial Day…)

Is there any announcer anywhere – for any baseball team at any level of the sport – who screams “hit in the air to deep right!!!!” and then has to sheepishly say “caught” more often than John Sterling??
He does this not necessarily every game, but I swear it is amost that often. At least a few times a week and sometimes a couple times per game. I can deal with the annoying pre-determined HR-calls. Even the stupidest and corniest of them all (“You’re on the mark, Teixeira”), and I can deal with the humpty dumpty voice. I can even live with the grating Suzyn Waldman and what passes for banter between the two of them, though it is truly painful. I cannot, cannot, cannot deal with his mistaken home run calls. It ruins the listening experience. It is the ONE thing you should get right as an announcer – you know, the action on the field!?!? Especially because it induces the biggest swing of emotions – from a HR to an out. I’m sorry. I know picking on Sterling is too easy. It’s just so d*%n annoying. And when you see replays it is very often not even close to a HR.
I can honestly say that I really look forward to whoever is going to take the place of these two whenever it is that they give up their radio gig. It will be many many many years too late for me.

Ive learned to live with Sterling’s “quirks” over the years and while annoying I kinda like the guy for some reason. But Waldman is a big fat zero. Her lack of knowledge about the game is truely remarkable for an announcer. She basically has 2-3 main insights for each game that she repeats over and over again, often using the exact same words. Kim Jones makes more insightful comments in her 5 minute “check-in” on a daily basis than Suzyn makes in an entire game. If I have to listen to Waldman say one more time that the key to tonight’s game is to make the other pitcher throw strikes I may go nuts! She must go!

Just got back to the States and saw that a lot has happened while I was out of the country. Happy the Sox are slowly catching up, and seemingly hitting on all cylinders!

Cairo, Egypt… my youngest brother was playing in a baseball tournament there (the ISST’s), and my fiancee and I tagged along. They got second place out of 12 teams.
We actually did have a 6 hour layover in Amsterdam though.

That is awesome Ath! Did you get to see the Pyramids or anything? I really would like to go there someday…
I bet you never left the airport in Amsterdam though, huh? :(

Yeah it was pretty awesome; saw the pyramids, sphinx, Cairo museum, and one of the 14th century mosques. Fantastic experience overall. We were hoping to leave the Amsterdam airport and see the city for an hour or two but it was raining and 49 degrees, so we skipped out.
Here are some of the better photgraphs:
Me and my fiancee:
My brother pitching in the championship game (that’s a mosque just past the outfield, which had call to prayer five times a day):

My brother pitched a no-hitter in the championship game last year to win it, but this year he didn’t do so well. In the quarterfinals they used him for 2 innings of relief in a 5-3 win. The next day they started him in the semis and he pitched a 5 inning shutout. Then the next day was the championship, and he gave up 2 earned runs (5 total) before getting pulled.

Absolutely right about the ump. Halladay pitched a great game, but there were some gift calls buy the home plate ump.
Go back and take a look at the 26th out (2nd out in 9th). He got called out on strikes… and not one pitch of the entire AB was in the zone. Just saying is all.

Here is the Brooks Baseball normalized strike zone. It in fact does NOT corroborate my thoughts, and contradicts them. While some pitches were not inside the zone per PitchFX, the strike zone from the home plate umpire is pretty damn tight, hardly outrageous.
In fact, the most egregious call of the night was in favor of the Marlins. All in all, this looks like the ump called a pretty good game. Mea Culpa.

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