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R.A. Dickey, Light-Tossing Dominator: Yanks-Mets Gamer III

Knuckler R.A. Dickey is 11-1, sports a 2 ERA and an .889 whip.  The Yankees are countering with C.C. Sabathia, whose K rate is the best of his career but his other numbers are pedestrian compared to his history. This is one interleague game worth watching.  Comment away. 

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Bases loaded…
And you know what that means.
Guaranteed failure.
And as expected.
Let Dickey off the hook like we let all pitchers off the hook.
0-0 after 1.5.
Let’s see how many CC gives up now in reply…

A good weekend overall after dropping game 1 and playing some awful defense last night. Always gratifying to best the mets. But they’ll need kuroda to go deep tonight after using plenty of pen the last couple nights.
Interleague play officially over for 2012 – the Yanks had the toughest interleague record of any AL team based on opposing team records and compiled the best AL record in interleague play for the season. Not bad. Now back to normal baseball…

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