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Rain, Rain, Go Away: Twins-Sox Potential Gamer I

The now second-place Red Sox are on a roll, and frankly we would like to see them keep playing while they're in the midst of a five-game winning streak and their offense is hotter than a Yankee fan trying to get an autograph during batting practice at the new Stadium.

We'll see. The game's delayed, and the rain's pouring down. Comment on the (in)action here!

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With Baldelli hitting the DL and Bailey and Carter coming up who do you see getting more at bats with the double-header possible calling for some rest for the starters?

Liriano will be pitching the nightcap, so I wonder if Drew and Ortiz will both see rest for that game, with Carter and Bailey both playing that game. That’s a lot of potential thunder being removed from one game, but I could see Francona not wanting to play Drew 18 innings in one day or risk messing up what may be a returning Ortiz by having him face a tough lefty. I guess we’ll see…

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