Rain Drops Keep Fallin’ on My Cap: Twins-Yanks Gamer II

Are they really gonna play this thing? Over in Queens, it looks Andre will be given a 1-day repreive due the inclement weather. But the Yanks look like they’re gonna try to sneak one in between the raindrops against the Twins. Scott Baker vs. Jeff Karstens is your pitching matchup. If these teams face eachother in the playoffs, you can rest assured you won’t see this repeated. In the meantime, comment on the day’s damp action right here.

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  • This post, made by me many hours after the game has concluded is meant to be an indictment of the fact that there is no reason in that a Saturday baseball game should not be available on television. Many people have paid a goodly sum to try to watch their favorite team, yet for some reason baseball has designed a contract with FOX to prevent fans from watching their team play. On a Saturday. In September. Tell me why, Bud.

    attackgerbil September 2, 2006, 9:47 pm

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