Random Musings, First Regular Season Edition

1. The painful three hour return drive from Providence every Tuesday and Thursday has been softened by the regular season. Instead of droning, repetitive 1010 WINS updates about J-Lo’s mom winning the slots in Atlantic City, I can now listen, pretty much uninterrupted, to the Red Sox and then either the Yankees or Mets, all the way home. Today, after finally losing WTIC from Hartford, I put on WFAN and listened to three innings of the Mets-Braves matchup. Is there a better pair of radio voices than Gary Cohen and Ed Coleman (particularly Cohen)? They are total pros, with Cohen seamlessly weaving in scouting reports, history (both recent and deep), vivid descriptions of the action as well as subtle positioning changes into his narration. Tonight he located pitchers on the rubber, something meaningful but oft forgotten by radio broadcasters. They are, by far, the best of the region.

2. Listening to the Sox’ pre-game radio show, I got fuzzy during the usually cliche-ridden and mostly useless “Manager’s Corner” feature that every team has as part of their broadcast. Terry Francona is such a welcome contrast to the long litany of semi-cretinous Red Sox managers past, from John McNamara to Joe Morgan to Grady (Sling Blade) Little. He was sharp, honest, showed a grasp of both psychology (key in this day and age of petulant stars) and strategy, and generally impressed. I will wait at least another week or two before I start calling for his head.

3. Roger Clemens calling George Steinbrenner before last night’s start to thank him, and then they both start crying on the phone out of love for each other? As they say in most areas of New York City to just about anyone who expresses emotion, boo f**king hoo. Then I remembered the history – good ol’ George giving the decrepit Rocket one last chance when noone else would, when everyone said he was washed up and couldn’t even hit 90 on the gun any more, just after that fifth and final Cy Young award…

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