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Looking over the stat page this morning, and was struck by a few oddities:

-Arizona has had 3 different winners of the NL Player of the Week award (trivia: name them, and if you guess Steve Finley, who already has 16 home runs, you’re chosen poorly). Still, they’re less than decent. It’s a team game.

-Think the DH helps? The NL has 10 teams with ERAs under 4. The AL: 1 (Oakland).

-We all thought that the NL Central would be the pitchers’ division, but with injuries and mediocre showings from some of the marquee names, it’s the NL East that has the top 3 pitching teams, and division leading Florida isn’t among them.

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NL Players of the Week:
Johnson did it the week of his perfect game, I’m sure. Sexson hit a bunch of bombs before bowing out. I guess Dellucci at no. 3. Close?

1-3, which is fine if you’re hitting. the answers:
april 19: danny bautista
may 17: the big unit
may 31: luis gonzalez
those april performances do have a way of receding into memory.

Not to get too philosophical on you, but almost everything recedes into memory. On the other hand, some things are simply forgotten.
In this case, number 2 won’t be forgotten anytime soon, though numbers 1 and 2 have already been dismissed. At least give RJ a little credit for doing something historic, there’s no need to create any equivalency here.

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