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“Randy Gave His Best All The Time”

The title is a quote from Mariano Rivera in an interview with Mo written by Dan Martin in the NY Post.   "When Randy came here , he didn’t have the same stuff he used to have," Rivera said.

Rivera also said that his arm felt good, that Pettitte will be a key in the Yankee’s return to dominance, and that Andy should never have left.  So true, Mo.

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Mo should be careful who he defends. He was never a NY guy from the start. I have to admit I was psyched with the “Idea” of having RJ, but that quickly faded. Anyway, I for one am very excited with this year’s roster.
PS-Am I the only Yankees fan who could care less if Clemens comes back and is sick of all this drama? He’s great, but I don’t need to read quotes from his gardener about how he thinks he will pitch in 2007…..

Trisk – I do love that he speaks his mind, and always defending his teammates, regardless. Of course, it helps that he’s really a living legend, but while Jeter was sidestepping the ARod thing, Mo stood up for ARod.
Maybe Mo should be captain..

It seems that in many ways, Mo already is the spiritual captain of the Yankees, if not the field captain.

“When Randy came here , he didn’t have the same stuff he used to have,”
In other news…
Sky blue.
Water wet.
Arod has blue lips.

triska…, i am wishing with all my might that clemens hangs ’em up or stays in houston. i don’t want him on the yankees and i don’t want to hear about his every sneeze if he signs with the sox.
how do the number crunchers here think he’d fare in the AL east?
i’d love to see him fall on his face. (and then have a shattered bat thrown at him as he lies there.)
or retire.
(but really? i’d love to see him taken down a notch.)

The way I view Clemens is that he will be the best possible replacement for which ever starter gets injured.
Damn…. I promised I wouldn’t talk about him.

lockland sf, i am offended that you would choose to make fun of alex rodriguez’s purple lips. it is a medical condition.
“Purple lips are a result of a deficiency in the bloodstream. Those who suffer from this affliction often present other symptoms, such as the inability to drive in runs in what spectators and writers deem “clutch situations,” being able to hit home runs only when they are “meaningless,” and placing an unreasonable importance on how “good looking” they are all while hitting over .300 and driving in over 100 runs. Sufferers should seek medical assistance each spring so that a trained physician can administer a dose of Clutchinex. Severe cases may require additional doses throughtout the summer, or a trade out of NY.”

mo: randy gave it his all everytime he took the mound.
mo: but randy…
mo: well….i’m real happy to have andy back.

Mo can defend anyone he’d like, he is a living legend. But I would rather he be more selective, wouldn’t want him to sully his name.

Trisk – and also a little late.. so tactically, he really can’t win with the timing, but hey, I respect it, since well, he had nothing to gain with these RJ statements..
(Unless Mo suddenly rented DJ’s PR firm, anyhow)
I don’t know. I mean, you can double Clemen’s ERA and still be better than RJ. And there might be only a few games he pitches that really matters, and they’ll all be in postseason.. and I’ll take Clemens over anyone not named Santana in these situations!

” I’ll take Clemens over anyone not named Santana in these situations”
C’mon, the guy is gonna be 45 – it’s going to end sometime; my guess is next year if he comes back to the AL east. Can’t fool father time forever.

Andrews – I’ve been saying something like that the last 5 years. So I think now he’s earned it until he proves otherwise..

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