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Rapidly Losing Interest: Sox-Rangers Gamer

Two psychological weeks in summer left, and it's becoming harder and harder to turn on the set to watch this lackluster, boring, aging Sox team try to stay alive. For those who are holing themselves up today and observing, here's your gamer. 

We'll be frolicking.

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Sox take a 1-0 lead in the 2nd on a David Ortiz homer. But the inability to put any kind of rallye together continues (Friday’s 9th inning excepted, of course), so a solo homer (or two) will not get it done. Game Rangers, if the Sox cannot begin to ignite the occasional rallye.

Is Drew on rest or somethig?Why is that kid Anderson on RF? Do you think Tazawa can win against Texas?He seems to get into trouble pretty quick(like Pettitte for instance) but finds a way out most times.Let’s see,he did good in that game against the Yankees,just was unlucky to have Matsui,A-Rod and the rest of the lineup needing to get runs.

Easy 1-2-3 for Francisco this time.
This Red Sox team is a joke right now. If not for that highly improbable surge on Friday they would have been swept by the Rangers again. And they seem to have been drained of all energy by that win.
Of course, the wild card is still well within reach, but with the teams we’re currently fielding it looks very unlikely.

At least Youk’s suspension is over. This was a highly winnable game, with many opportunities blown.

Was on a cross-country flight that got TBS so was able to watch the Sox-Rangers game. I know SFs are disappointed, but I was just psyched to watch live baseball on a plane. Wish that was standard, which I assume it will be soon enough.

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