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"I never liked that guy, but I loved watching him play."  — Matt Garza on Pete Rose while comparing Charlie Hustle to Dustin Pedroia.  An apt aphorism for this Yankee fan.  The papernets say DP's foot won't require surgery.  Not to say that a broken foot isn't bad.  I hope Dustin gets back soon and feel for him, as gerbil has personal experience in this matter in the last couple weeks, suffering several injuries in the regions purview to Podroiatrists, allowing a foot's leeway in the turn of the phrase, or ankle.

James Shields is on the bump for the Rays, while John Lackey looks to continue his winning ways at Fenway.  The Beast goes on.

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This team has been pretty f*cking amazingly resistant to the injury issues. There has to be an inevitable slide (like a 5-game losing streak), I would think, but you have to be grateful for the position they’re in, given the first two weeks, the long-term injuries of Pedroia, Beckett, Ellsbury, and Cameron (and Hermida). Really great through June. And the two homegrown starters going gangbusters.
It could all go sour really quick, but it’s really fun right now.

Yeah Devine, it’s truly amazing how both the Sox and Yanks have had major injuries but have played well despite that. Whereas the Rays are almost completely injury-free and are imploding.

gotta give the sox credit [grr] for coming back to bypass the rays, and almost catch the yankees…not trying to jinx anything, just being honest…this race is shaping up the way many of us thought it would…i’m not at all surprised to see toronto fade…i never thought they would be a factor…i also figure the rays will start to play better than they have, just not at the level they were at for the first 40 games…i admire [gulp] the sox ability to withstand some key injuries, and players who may not be performing as well as they might expect [cough, papelbon]…now i’m scared…ready to have fun with the rest of the season, but definitely scared…by the way, did paul from waltham leave the planet?…

The bullpen is still problematic, but as long as the starting pitchers are keeping the opposition down, the sox will be in good shape. Beltre has been awesome.

Actually, once SF called him out for being a pathalogical liar (I’m assuming based on IP addresses), he hasn’t been back. His schtick only works in small sizes, and once that falls apart, what does he have to go by? Once the first two weeks are over, and his flame-throwing gun has been chilled, what is there to talk about?
Plus, it’s just no fun when everyone hates you.

And I agree. They have to find a more reliable guy than Oki at this point – it just doesn’t work for him anymore, and guys are planting that 87mph fastball.

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