What Real Estate Bubble?

via Gordon Edes:

Manager Terry Francona and departed outfielder Dave Roberts are the cheapest properties in the Red Sox World Champions Edition of Monopoly. You pay just $60 apiece to buy Francona and Roberts, while other game players pay just $2 in rent if they land on Francona, 4 bucks on Roberts. The high-end district? Curt Schilling, occupying the Park Place locale in the Parker Brothers original, goes for $350, while Manny Ramirez, in the Boardwalk slot, commands $400.

Interestingly, in the Yankees version of the game there isn’t a single property available under $400, when you land on "Free Parking" you get towed to Pier 40, and rent on the Jason "Dumbo" Giambi property is artificially inflated above market value. 

The game can be purchased here.

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