Realistic Expectations

I’m gonna go with 90-72 for the Red Sox this year. They had a gigantic share of injury good luck last year (only Buchholz and Ross were sidelined for more than a few weeks, as far as I recall, though Victorino was day-to-day a lot, Ortiz missed most of April, and Ellsbury missed most of September), look to break in rookies or almost-rookies at 3B, SS, and CF, and are a year older at most positions. Hopefully they can sneak into the wild card and get hot, but I’m trying to temper my enthusiasm and enjoy the games day by day instead of looking for macro 2013-style success.

Plus the expectations set above were approximately the peak of my 2013 expectations, so why change what’s working?

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  • Uehara walked a guy in spring training today. The season is over!

    Devine March 7, 2014, 2:36 pm

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