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Really? I mean, Really? Yanks-Jays Gamer

A double by ARod scored a run, and an error by Millar scored another. Yanks up 2-0 in the first as Pettitte and Halladay face off at Rogers Centre. Comment away.

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Pettitte doing his usual second-half bend-but-don’t-break job. Halladay in total strike-throwing-machine mode. If the Yanks can SOMEHOW survive the next 2 innings without surrendering the lead we can reach Hughes/Mo. Come on Andy…6 more outs…

Cano grounds into a f-cking DP…nice job ass. 2 pitches to get 2 outs for Halladay. He’s going the distance against us. All they need is a lead and it’s over.

Krueg, you’ve got a short memory. The guy has so consistently pitched well for them in big spots regardless of how good or bad his season was going at the time.
Freaking Halladay is getting through each successive innings with fewer pitches than the previous inning. Right now he’s at like 5-pitches per inning. Seriously. The guy is sick.

That’s it for Andy. Great job tonight.
Hughes in with 2-on and the smallest of leads…

That was a great sequence of pitches. Bautista looked like his pants would fall off on that curve.
OK–I’ve given up on the prospect of scoring any more off Halladay or getting him out of the game (his pitch-total seems to be dropping every inning at this rate) so it’s all on Hughes to get through the top of the order in the 8th…

Roy who??? Roy who!!??!!
OK – I’m kidding. But those were HUGE dingers for Damon and Teix. Insurance for Phil/Mo MUCH needed!!!! YES!!!!

Uh-oh. 2 on, 0 out. Those insurance runs loom large now but may not be enough…come on kid.

That looked like Jorge thought the curve was coming and got slammed by the f-ball…

BIG BIG BIG K on the inside heater. First inside fastball of the at-bat. HUGE!
And here comes Mo.
I have to say that as much as I love Mo, I don’t like Girardi’s turning to him for these 4-out saves when Hughes has been money out of the pen.
Of course, if my job was riding onit, I’d probably pitch Mo until his arm fell off.

Wells slams the 2-run double. That was close to a game-tier right there. Ummm…get Rios please.

I know Krueg…it’s so ridiculously rare that Mo gives up a line drive, let alone runs. But he gets Rios on the ground ball and we are 3 outs away. More insurance please?

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Matsui with a MONSTER shot to CF. Halladay must be PISSED. His last 5 pitches = 3 HRs. Me likey.

Big big win. If Mitre can somehow survive tomorrow we will have done better in Toronto than I frankly expected. (IF Mitre survives…)

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