Red Sox Torture Jet?

Is the same plane used to port around BoSox bigwigs, and with the team logo sometimes emblazoned on its tail, being used to ferry CIA "torture" suspects between countries and to Guantanamo, where it has made a reported 50 stops? Shifting call signs. A Sox minority partner with mysterious friends. Abductions. Intrigue. Torture. Knight-Ridder supplies the details here.

[EDIT: This is SF, chiming in – more information at the Globe, here. Bizarre story, but it appears as if the Sox are unwitting participants in this story, by coincidence.  Of course, that’s according to someone who charters his plane to the CIA, so grains of salt required.]

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  • Unwitting paricipants? SF loves to flog George for his political awfulness, so why does a Sox owner who rents out his plane to the CIA so it can skirt the Consistution get a free pass? Theo Epstein’s grandfather, Julius, penned the Clade Raines “shocked” line from Casablanca, and you’ve got to wonder whether similar sincerity levels are in effect here.

    YF March 21, 2005, 10:54 am
  • He doesn’t get a free pass. If the owner of the plane was guilty of some malfeasance, then off to the stocks with him. However, it appears (from what few facts have come out), that this (minority) owner (who knows what this guy actually owns, 2%?) charters his own jet to numerous parties, one of which is the CIA, and what the CIA did with the plane might have been questionable. It’s shady, no doubt, and the skeptic in me wonders what else is going on here, but it’s just not the same as having a principal owner commit felonies requiring presidential pardons. When John W. Henry starts having to explain the big bricks of weed in his attic, let’s talk.

    SF March 21, 2005, 11:45 am
  • Also, did YF not see the “grains of salt” quip in my post addition? Or does he not understand that implies a real sense of skepticism about the information we have at hand?
    With questionings like this it’s no wonder that some of our commenters think YF has varying standards when it comes to Sox vs. Yanks fans. I, at least, know that YF has better reading comprehension skills than he’s letting on.

    SF March 21, 2005, 11:53 am
  • First off, the Sox issued a short statement regarding this today:
    “The Red Sox are unaware of and uninvolved in any activities undertaken by any of the club’s limited partners in relation to the leasing of their private airplanes.”
    It’s pretty clear, despite YF’s snide innuendo, that the Sox’ majority owners were unaware of this situation; it’s not their aircraft, nor the team’s, so there’s no reason for them to know anything about it. As for the limited partner, the most generous interpretation of the Globe story would be that he simply didn’t perform adequate due diligence on precisely who his charter agent was leasing his aircraft to, and for what specific purposes; a much more critical view would be that, despite his claims, he probably understood, and didn’t care enough to stop the practice. Either way, he doesn’t appear to be entirely without blame. Nothing unusual at all though about the leasing out of a large business aircraft such as a Gulfstream IV to a large number of travelers to cover the high fixed cost of operations and maintenance; demand for fractional use of these planes by governments, businesses, and wealthy individuals has increased dramatically over the last several years.
    Second, regarding the title of this post, the other day I was accused by YF of dumbing down the discussion on this site and making blanket insults towards Yankee fans that he found offensive. So, naturally I assumed that while I was away, this place would become a SABRmetric den of interesting topics; perhaps a post on BP’s latest Sox & Yanks Pecota values, or how to improve on Zone Ratings in measuring defensive abilities…maybe an essay comparing and contrasting ‘Pitching in a Pinch’ to ‘The Long Season’ and ‘Ball Four’, or debating whether ‘The Southpaw’ was better than ‘Bang the Drum Slowly’ (it was, IMO)
    Instead, I come back to find…this. I guess implying, without evidence, that a team that he dislikes is somehow actively facilitating torture is YF’s latest way of raising the level of discourse. Others might call it offensive and irresponsible.
    My apologies to SF for my tone. This site is to the baseball blogs what Wham! was to ‘80’s British Pop; I’m just wondering when SF starts his solo career (you can substitute Will Smith for George Michael if you prefer that analogy, SF).

    ajm March 21, 2005, 7:40 pm
  • As in the “Faith” George Michael (not too bad) or the “cruising for dates in rest areas with an exposed member” George Michael (not too good)?
    Don’t leave us this way, AJM. Give YF a chance – I think this post was antagonistic, and we bit at it. For the most part, he’s a reasonable, intelligent, eloquent, and funny guy. He’s never had to go through an offseason like this before, so please cut him some slack.

    SF March 21, 2005, 9:00 pm
  • Lighten up, AJM! But for the record, I agree entirely re The Southpaw vs. Bang the Drum. As for Henry Wiggen’s PECOTA, I’ll leave that to you….

    YF March 21, 2005, 11:04 pm

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