The Cubbies host the Cards in Chicago, where this event will bring balance back to the universe after the long, dark night of the off-season. No more shall speculation, rumor and pretending to enjoy soccer be essential to stave off the encroaching void. Seeing Jon Lester outside with a baseball and (more significantly) a bear patch makes me happy, though he won’t be enough for the north side nine to get a taste of the post season because those Cardinals, in their resplendent red and white — so reminiscent of Lester’s former cloth — will not even notice the Cubs in their rear view mirror. It’s so tragic, really, for all involved.

I’m glad you’re back, baseball.

Play Ball

Beast predictions and more below the fold.

1. Sox. They will score significantly more runs than anyone else in the AL, reducing the concern that their pitching is mediocre. Until October.
2. Jays. Or Yanks.
3. Yanks. Or Jays. This doesn’t matter, because neither team is going to win enough for a WC berth.
4. Orioles.
5. Rays. Because both Baltimore and Tampa are fueled by unicorn farts.


What’s far more interesting is what is happening on the left coast.

Seattle. Walk away with the AL West, and I will be spitting and shouting at my TV every time I see Cano and Jackson playing stellar baseball and King Felix, who has the best change in the game, making me wish that they would re-animate King George to not let players like that slip through our clutches. I’ll probably take at least two or three trips up to the Emerald City this season, because A) It is a GORGEOUS stadium in a beautiful city and B) they will probably be playing the most exciting baseball in the AL.

Los Angeles. Because Grienke and Kershaw. Then there is Kennedy and Shields.. damn.. missed that ship as well, Cashman.. GAH. Formidable. But come on, it’s still the Padres.

So LA and Seattle in The Show. At least the weather will be good.

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  • The M’s will not be running away with anything, especially not in the toughest division in baseball.

    Andrewkpdx April 7, 2015, 12:41 am
  • It may be the toughest division, granted. And Oakland may have certain things to say, but it won’t be about the west crown.

    What say a wager? Two delicious beverages and a mutual round of GT sponsored by the person farthest from the front, your A’s, or (not really) my M’s, paid at the All-Star break, and at the end of the reggalar?

    Fair enough?

    attackgerbil April 7, 2015, 12:45 am
  • I need to give you an opportunity to win a baseball wager every once in a while, so that is a definite YES.
    Heading to the Emerald city for the last series of the year with a few folks, as I am hopeful it will be a fruitful battle that means something.

    Andrewkpdx April 7, 2015, 4:01 pm

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