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Regularly Scheduled Programming: Royals-Sox Gamer I

Apparently those responsible for the disgusting events of the past week are dead and captured, respectively. I am eager to find out all of the facts and evidence surrounding these people and events.

But I must admit I am more excited to just see baseball played. I imagine there will be an emotional charge at today’s game. Not sure how much of it I can watch, but I look forward to the pre-game ceremony highlights later.

Recent Royals acquisition Shields vs. long-standing franchise player Buchholz. Comment away!

17 replies on “Regularly Scheduled Programming: Royals-Sox Gamer I”

Ortiz to crowd on live broadcast: “This is our fucking city.” Awesome.

Wife cried pretty hard, I’m just drip-drip-dripping myself.

Nava says JBJ can wait.

3-run go ahead blast with 2 out in the 8th. 4-2 Sox going to top 9.

Really loud flyout, single. MLB.TV dies on me. Strikeout.

2 out, runner at 1st, big stakes. Chris Getz the batter.

Sox win!!!

Just saw Nava and Middlebrooks in the eighth and then the top of the ninth. But wow! Intense!!

Regardless of allegiance, emotionally charged situation, and outcome…that was a hell of a baseball game.

“…Ortiz to crowd on live broadcast: “This is our fucking city.” Awesome….”

ditto buddy…papi’s raw honestly was heartfelt…even this hardened yankee fan was glad to see the sox pull this one out and give the folks in boston something to feel good about…

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