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Rematch: Jays-Yanks Gamer I

Last Saturday’s game between the Bombers and Jays in Toronto featured a stellar performance by Hiroki Kuroda countered by a serviceable start by Mark Buehrle that kept the Jays close enough to tie it in the eighth. A mental error by Aaron Loup and the resulting in a throw to an unmanned bag in the 11th gave the Yankees a two run lead, which was more than plenty for Mariano Rivera and the Yanks. Kuroda and Buehrle square off again this evening, this time at The Stadium. The Yanks have dropped three of four and remain in third place in the AL East behind Boston and Baltimore. Lineups follow, omment away.

R. Davis dh .261
M. Kawasaki ss .233
J. Bautista rf .190
E. Encarnacion 1b .210
M. Cabrera lf .253
J.P. Arencibia c .268
C. Rasmus cf .239
B. Lawrie 3b .125
M. Izturis 2b .169
M. Buehrle 5.87
NY Yankees
B. Gardner cf .250
B. Francisco dh .080
R. Cano 2b .325
V. Wells lf .296
F. Cervelli c .265
I. Suzuki rf .222
E. Nunez ss .184
L. Overbay 1b .234
J. Nix 3b .233
H. Kuroda 2.35

6 replies on “Rematch: Jays-Yanks Gamer I”

Can’t watch this game now, but checking the box, looks like an awesome slugging display. Cano bouncing back from last night’s Ofer with a three run bomb, and Wells continuing to thumb his nose at his old team.. even Cervelli getting in on the action. Love it.

Rivera’ks cutter was absurd tonight. Cano’s swing is a thing of beauty. Kuroda gutted out 6 innings witth absolutely nothing in his arsenal.

Francisco Cervelli has 26 total bases and 8 walks in 61 PAs. Russell Martin has 24 total bases and 7 walks in 71 PAs. However unlikely it is that Cervelli will continue to hit that well, it sure is a pleasant surprise right now.

Is Kuroda the best Japanese pitcher in MLB history? I don’t know if anyone else is close, but I might be missing someone.

His numbers since coming over are good. His six seasons against Hideo Nomo’s best six seasons? I glanced at bbref.. they are comparable, edge to Kuroda. Nomo spent a lot more time in the majors. But I don’t think this question will matter in two years. Yu Darvish might just be from another planet.

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