Remember Joe Niekro

Joe Niekro passed away yesterday at the age of 61. The cause of death was a brain aneurism. He and his brother Phil were phenomenally successful as a brace of brother pitchers. Joe’s son, Lance, currently plays for the Houston Astros. Joe’s career in the Major-Leagues spanned 21 years and seven teams.

In this age of the seven-inning pitcher, remember that in 1982, Joe started 35 games and completed 16 with five shutouts. It was a different era, but it is remarkable.

Thanks, Joe.

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  • Pretty funny when Niekro appeared on the Letterman show after receiving a 10-game suspension for using an emory board… miss that old-school baseball! :)
    Letterman’s “Top 10 Excuses” when Niekro appeared on the show – August 6, 1987:
    10. The emory board is a new super-grip popsicle stick.
    9. I only used it to apply Vaseline to the ball.
    8. I needed it to scrape dried wads of chewing tobacco off the bullpen telephone.
    7. Delicate double-knit uniforms easily snagged on rough nails.
    6. I was using it to make a statue of commissioner Ueberroth.
    5. I used it as a bookmark for my dugout copy of Shirley MacLaine’s autobiography.
    4. Rules of fair play are for saps and squares.
    3. I’ve been hypnotized by evil dogs.
    2. It was all William Casey’s idea.
    1. I like to give pedicures to ballboys.
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    Matt November 1, 2006, 7:21 am

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