Renteria Square Garden?

Apparently the owners of the Fleet Center in Boston, the Delaware North Corporation (also the proprietors of the Boston Bruins, and truly one of the worst outfits in all of sports ownership) put up for auction on ebay daily naming rights for the arena, while they search for a permanent sponsor to replace the bank.  One of the winners?  A Yankees fan who spent $2K+ to name the place the "Derek Jeter Center".  The executives who hatched this scheme are apparently trying to dissuade him from using the moniker.  But how naive are these Delaware North execs? How can they put the naming rights up for auction on ebay and not expect some complete bozo to take them down?   This is the website where someone spent 28K on a grilled cheese sandwich with an image of the Virgin Mary on it.  So Jeter is worth about 1/14th of a couple of pieces of decades-old cheese and bread, which sounds about right.  I say let him name it what he wants – Delaware North should know that on ebay it’s both buyer and seller beware!

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  • I had heard that Delaware North also had an (ownership) interest in another NHL team, & that their primary interest in the Bruins was the concessions money, as they viewed the other team as more viable? My buddie that told me this is a huge hockey fan, & convinced Boston will never win with the current ownership.

    AJ February 25, 2005, 3:36 pm
  • Apparantly, it’s a practical joke this guy is playing on some of his old Haaaarvard buddies, who are from Boston. If they match his winning bid, they can select another name themselves.
    Hey jackass, if you wanted to throw some money away, couldn’t you find a better way to do it?
    Figures though. He’s a lawyer.
    Yeah kudos to the FleetCenter folks too. Morons.

    Sam February 25, 2005, 8:04 pm
  • $28K, just because it had the Virgin Mary on it?!?
    I knew I shouldn’t have just eaten that Jesus Brownie…

    Cægn February 26, 2005, 8:04 pm

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