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Report: Joba To Be Traded Within Next Week

Well, this one is a doozy. There's a report that Yankee brass thinks Joba needs a change of scenery. Apparently, he did not react well to losing out on the 5th spot, and the Yanks feel it's time to move on. There are whispers that the Bombers could get Andrew Mccutchen back from the Pirates. Looks like the Joba era is ending soon.

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April Fools, right?
No way do the Pirates trade McCutchen for Joba. He’s pretty much already the face of their improving but still sorry franchise.

Scratch that, I would almost definitely do it for McCutchen straight-up. Fangraphs has him at 3.4 WAR last year (his rookie season) in 108 games, and he’s 23. Getting ahead of myself, but I am officially picturing him manning LF for the Bombers…

So, ESPN ‘New York’ is in full swing. A hah! ESPN can’t be biased against the Yankees, you say, or they wouldn’t devote an entire webpage to their area!
You’d think so. But all they’ve done is strengthen the ever-growing argument that they are ridiculously biased against them, by putting WALLY MATTHEWS the primary reporter for the Yankees. Yup, Wally Matthews, an well-known and avowed ‘Yankee-hater’, one of the worst.
Take a look at this joke of an article and tell me with a straight face that ESPN doesn’t have it out for the Yankees:
Apparently, the Yankees only won the World Series last year, not only because they bought all their players, no, that wouldn’t have been enough. They also needed to have ‘maybe the best luck in the recent history of professional sports.’
Yup, you read that right. The Yankees only won, not through smart roster management, or quality of players, but because of LUCK. Now, due to our recent discussion of injuries and how the Yankees really didn’t experience all that much luck after all, I don’t need to tell you how ridiculous and hyperbolic that statement is.
What a joke, and how transparent ESPN has become. They’re like the Fox News of sports reporting.

The scary-non-April-fool’s-day story comes from River avenue blues. Steinbrenner family discussing selling the team to the Dolans. That would be super awesome. Alan houston for only 100 mil. dollars!

NoMaas points out how poor V-Mart is behind the dish. I wonder how much that could come back to hurt the Sox. For all the emphasis on pitching and defense, a poor defensive catcher can really hurt. Every walk or single opens the way for a scoring chance, especially when half a lineup can steal bases like the Yanks and Rays can. FWIW, Piazza ceased being a full-time catcher once his caught stealing percentage dipped into the teens. V-Mart was there last year and he wasn’t even at the position full-time. An interesting storyline I’ll be keeping my eye on.
Let’s go base-ball!

Also, I didn’t realize that Scutaro is a below average fielder in his career at SS. More reason not to trust UZR besides Jeter. SSs get the most fielding chances – d’uh that’s why its the most important defensive position. So if UZR isn’t reliable there, where is it?

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