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Report: Yankees, Jeter Deal Close

Jack Curry just tweeted:

“Jeter and Yanks are close to 3-year deal that will pay $15-$17 mill annually. There is a creative 4th year option that won’t be guaranteed.

I’m told the specifics of 4th year option remains final hurdle in Jeter-Yankee talks. Deal could come in 24-48 hours. No hiccups expected”

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I would love for the Yankees to have been held over a barrel and pressed into signing this guy for far too much and far too long, but in fact I am glad to see decent business instincts work out and have Casey Close, Jeter, and their absurd demands rejected. Score one for common sense, if this is true.

I wonder what all this chatter about the Yankees and Crawford is about…is there serious interest there (because I love Carl) or just driving up the price on other teams?
Lee AND Crawford? That would be rowdy.

i think the yankee outfield is ok as currently constructed, not spectacular, but also not the reason they lost last year…signing crawford is unnecessary unless it’s step 1 to another move to acquire a pitcher by trading one of the current outfielders…they need pitching, not another outfielder, even if it is crawford…clearly with mo’s and jeter’s signings the priority shifts to lee and pettite…

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