Reports hitting the wires that a Gary Sheffield thumb injury, suffered Saturday, may require surgery and sideline him for up to three months. Just so you don’t accuse me of gloating, here’s wishing Mr. Sheffield a very comfortable and curative 12 week vacation – I am very jealous of his (potential) time off.

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  • Cashman seems concerned, and it does bode ill for the Yanks aging lineup, but this is no great tragedy (not that I’d be expecting tears from SF). Last year the pinstripers got through the entire season with a stopgap solution in rightfield. Now, they can just throw Travis Lee or Ruben Sierra (or even Lofton or Matsui or Williams, though these three don’t really have the arm for it) out there and wait for Sheff to return to his bat-wagging self.

    YF March 9, 2004, 12:35 pm

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