Required Reading

Ken Tremendous writes about Youk. It’s got a naughty word or two in it, so consider yourself fucking warned.

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Saw this earlier today, good read. Love the last paragraph since it is so true. I’m expecting Youk to got 5-5 with a HR and 4-6 RBI, then promptly pull something on his first play of game 2 for the White Sox putting him on the DL.

What a great article, it really makes me miss FJM. His description of Youk’s physique (“He looks like a cartoon poor person wearing a barrel”) is spot-on.

I’ve said it here many times and saw it noted toward the end of the article – Kevin Youkilis was the Red Sox version of Paul O-Neill. Though I never really hated Youkilis as much as I believe many SFs hated O’Neill. I always sort of appreciated the fact that he was clearly making the most of what talent he had been given and that this took every ounce of work and intense focus on his part. Papelbon got much more under my skin for some reason.
Thanks for posting that ag. Actually, thanks for posting everything ag.

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