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Resilience: Sox-Orioles Gamer

So this is what you get when you decide to watch old episodes of Battlestar Galactica instead of the post-rain delay innings of a blowout.  Today we will pay attention, lest we tempt the baseball gods.  One thing we have learned from past experience with horrid, salt-in-the-wounds losses: baseball players are more resilient than most of us fans.  Today resilience comes in the form of Josh Beckett.  

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Holy shit SF, I was watching BSG (the newer episodes: I’m on Season 2 right now) after the rain-delay last night, when the bullpen imploded. I’m assuming you’re talking about the OLD old episodes though.

No, old/new ones – Season one. I watched the originals way back when. I just dove into the newer remade series. It’s tremendous.

Absolutely SF. A friend had been trying to get me to watch them for a few years now, so last week I borrowed his DVD’s and started. Been watching 3-4 episodes a day since. I skipped the miniseries though, and went straight to the pilot episode of Season 1.

It took a full season to get to them, but there are some kick-ass special effects in Season 2. The storyline is fantastic though, and the music is perfect. The actors that play Admiral Adama and the president really compliment each other.
And so far it has gotten better and better.

Big strikezone, according to Gameday. That will be excellent with Beckett pitching. Pedro on first with two outs.

1-2 count, single scores a run. Unacceptable, even if Pie was thrown out at 2nd.

and the sox benefit from one of the worst calls ive seen this year. Pedroia had the ball in his hand while he tagged Pie with his glove….totally safe.

HAHA really Sam? I’m at work and thanks to a blackout only have the Gameday up. We’ll take it!

Yet another mediocre pitcher with an average arsenal that the Red Sox are going to struggle against.

Holy crap, Burnett struck out 3 batters on 9 pitches in the 3rd inning on June 20? How was this not bigger news? That happens less often than no-hitters!

Ath, go back and watch the ‘miniseries’, if you mean the 1.5 hours of TV before the first season proper. It’s a great set up.

Looks like resilience checked his coat at the door and is staying a while turned and ran away screaming.

That’s exactly what I mean, Andrew. I meant to do it earlier, but after watching the beginning of Season 1 by mistake I couldn’t stop myself.
One thing I hate is Gaius Baltar. He’s whiny, he cries a lot, and he’s Julian Tavarez crazy, and yet they put him in positions of power. Annoys the hell out of me, even if his “hallucinations” are hot and blonde.

Hey Pedroia, thanks for the RBI… but you know that saying about not making the third out at third base?

color me crazy but….. it might be time to hand the reins back to lugo. greens 0-for his last week.

Once again Beckett gets ahead in the count and cannot put the hitter away. 4-1 now.

Wow, on the replay that looked like a great curveball that Markakis somehow golfed into right field.

Ath, you’ll learn to love Baltar. He really is a genius, and not just as a scientist. I think he’s a fascinating character.

I wonder why the story about dice-k not doing the shoulder program and fitness program in the offseason hasn’t been a bigger news deal. The globe reported they don’t expect him back until Sept 1

pie got roughed up after getting tangled with beckett. josh is fine, where as pie is most likely leaving the game.

Bay hitting .174 before today’s game in the last 14 days (I know, not a great measurement, but still…)

Bailey and Varitek walk. This is going to be painful with Green at the plate. Pinch hit Lugo?
I can’t believe I just suggested that.

who woulda thunk it? really thought the sox mailed this one in.
come on dusty p.

All with two outs.. Sox now at 53% chance of winning this game.
I guess it evens out yesterday’s..

Why not Papelbon? Let him “redeem” himself..
Though I guess as an away team, they actually have a possible save situation..

It’d be nice to get one more here just for breathing room. come on Elf.

Obviously that’s a terrific win, but so much moreso in the shadow of last night.
The Pen just sucked last night.
Today, four flawless innings from the pen. Not a hit, not a walk. Good job bailing out Beckett.

But Bay. Ugh. 0-for-5 w/ 5 Ks. Yikes.

If someone predicted on Monday: Sox win the Lester and Beckett starts, lose the Smoltz start by a run though he pitches well, I would have been happy. It was just hell to live through.

Congratulations SFs. While you might have prefered a blowout, this was probably the best palate-cleanser after last night…turning the tables. I would have much prefered a 1-2-3 9th of course…

Congratulations SFs. While you might have prefered a blowout, this was probably the best palate-cleanser after last night…turning the tables. I would have much prefered a 1-2-3 9th of course…
See, this is why GTs at this site are worth posting on.
It’s so……….civilized
Seriously…..that’s a good thing, and weirdly rare in the world of baseball blogs. Last night still hasn’t worn off for me, and I don’t think I could manage reading LoHud today….or SoSH either for that matter.
I wish I could return the favor and say I’ll be praying for AP tonight, but honesty compels me to admit I’m an atheist.
Good luck anyway……..

Atheose, the miniseries is worth watching sometime.
I really liked the show, a bit soap opera-y now and again, but quality.

Resilience decided that running and screaming from the park wasn’t dignified, and came back for a hot dog and cracker jack.
These guys are professionals for a reason: the highs aren’t too high, the lows aren’t too low. We’re fans for a reason, too. Things hit us harder. Great win, but probably greater for us than for them.

Yeah Dabize, for the most part we all generally like and respect one another around here. YF and SF have done a great job of providing the forum for such “civilized” behavior, as you put it ;-)

Ath, yeah it was good that we won in extras, good that they came back in the ninth, although, I thought Tek swung at ball 4 (I’ll take it), but on the heels of the nightmare loss the game before, this game was definitely not good times, just the outcome.
I got to watch Battle Star Galactica almost in it’s entirety on the Sci-Fi channel. Then as the series went on I got my honey hooked on it, so when the dvds started to come out I got to see it all again with her.
Definitely see the mini-series and Razor when it’s time.
I think at some point I’m going to have to own the whole collection. It really is a frakkin masterwork. I’m glad to hear that it’s still gaining an audience.

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