Revenge: Tribe-Yanks Gamer IV

Last night was a debacle. Today they face Carl Pavano, embodiment of their past failure. Hard to think what a loss would mean. Is the place cursed? Comment away here. 

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Yanks on the board after Jeter doubles and Tex singles him in. Damon hit the ball hard too, but it’s going to be really hard to make up a 2 run deficit with the Matsui-Melky-Molina-Ransom-Gardner stretch of the lineup.

Just saw the Garko replay, the Stadium looks empty, like on Friday. Those lower tier seats being empty just sucks the energy out of the visuals, it looks like the Yankees are playing at the park of a team going through the motions 15 games back in the heat of the summer. It’s terrible, at least visually.

damon hbp in the calf. wtf? pavano so sux.
tex. come on tex. launch one. if he lanches one here he “becomes a yankee” and we never here the end of it.

swish up with the bases juiced. OMG will the legend grow???
looks like pavs is gpne? nope. pavs stays after a visit from wedge.

Thank God for replay. The ball was clearly in the stands (contra Maier – hahahaha!! – as they show it).

Cheer up, Cory
Don’t let it get you down
Pick yourself up off the ground
It’s gonna be alright
Broken bat, pop fly, bases-clearing, 3 RBI double by… Ransom?!
Cheer up, Cory
You look a little sad
Your life ain’t so bad
Just think of all the good times
Remember your 33rd birthday
You threw a great big party
And all of your friends were there for you
Jeter, Robbie and me
We brought you a cake in the shape of a four and a three
’cause we all thought you were forty three
PS: Chip Caray and Ron Darling on TBS are still bitching about the HR call.

Yeah, good on Carl for getting his ERA below 10 – down to 9.69 now. A noble effort in defeat – can’t say I’m sorry to hi still looking for that first post-Yankee W though. May his search be as long as his DL stints!

On the home run call …
The umps got it right. Review after review was inconclusive. I couldn’t tell what happened. And without sifficient evidence to overturn, they appropriately let the ruling on the field stand.

Also, I’ve been having all kind of problems getting into the threads lately, from work and from home. I’ll click on a thread and then the computer freezes. This is one of the few times in the last several days I’ve been able to post anything.

i’ve had the same problem bill…seems only to happen the first time i click on a thread…i have to end the task, launch a new browser, go back into yfsf, and then i get into a thread successfully…been happening for the past couple of days…wierd

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