Geographical Distribution

Roadbloggin’ again, and as I work my way up to Providence I began to think about the geographical distribution of Sox fans and Yanks fans. I wish the Census Bureau asked citizens to identify team allegiances – I’d love to know where the fuzzy line is in Connecticut and southwestern Massachusetts that demarcates a shift in team pride. WTIC in Hartford broadcasts Red Sox games, though the reach of NY radio surely can infect mid-Connecticut. Cable networks broadcast nationally these days makes regional affiliation even more tenuous, and therefore the ability to tune in the AM dial to muggy summer broadcasts is, for the most part, a thing of the sentimental past. Cable and satellite television has absolved the radiowaves of their ability to matchmake.

I’ll likely ponder this throughout the coming months, as the Acela hurtles me north, closer to McCoy Stadium and Red Sox territory.

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