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Robi Does It Again: M’s-Yanks Afternoon Gamer

Robinson Cano hit his 16th homer of the year, this one coming off lefty Ryan Rowland-Smith in the fourth, his tenth off of southpaws.  The game is in the fifth inning now.  Comment away.

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I have literally no earthly idea why Hip Hip is ever behind the plate…he is HORRENDOUS DEFENSIVELY!!!! FUCKING HORRIBLE!!! One passed ball blows CC’s great game. 2-2. About to get swept, at home, but the fucking Mariners. Glad I’m only half listening to this shitfest at work. I am really sick and tired of this garbage team at this point.

wow, I checked, was surprised to see the game tied, I figured this pitching matchup would have featured much more Yankees offense. I am not surprised to see AAArdsma give up a homer though.

I thought we talked about this dw, our offense has been PATHETIC lately…they are complacent and lame. Typical slide into the all-star break. We can’t all have the lights-out killer offense that the Sox have…

You know, it’s pretty amazing that the Sox have scored the most runs in baseball despite having 605 plate appearances from Hermida, McDonald, Hall, Nava and Reddick.

kinda funny that arod thought he hit a walk-off homerun in the 8th inning…he’s like, where is everybody?…no dogpile?…

Not so sure anyone knows yet, as I just found out, but with no game last night, the Sox quietly put Varitek on the DL with a Broken foot.
The list is now:
Hard to win with that kind of talent not in your original lineup. Thank baby jesus for the all-star break.

i just saw the news about varitek brad… the globe has the story…it’s amazing you guys are holding it together…hard to imagine it’s not gonna take a toll, like a few years ago…as much as i like to win, i don’t want it to be because you guys can’t field your regular team…before somebody reminds me that the yanks have had a bit of an injury bug this season, they don’t seem to have happened all at once like they have with the sox…

I agree, DC. And not to start a flame war at all, but Cervelli played better than Posada did in that time. Other than that, I can’t really think of an injury that hurt you other than perhaps Tex, who isn’t injured, but has played like his back up would have played to date. I know A-Rod was out for a minute.
This is just a bad obstacle for the Sox. They’re going to fall back, for sure, but the question far?

Tonight’s linuep should be:
That’s a bunch of holes. Again thank Baby Jesus for Baltimore.

“…And not to start a flame war at all, but Cervelli played better than Posada did in that time…”….no worries, not a flame war, because you’re right…i’d rather have cerv doing most of the catching anyway…posada needs to give his ego a rest and defer to the better catcher…he can get some reps in and dh the rest of the time…the guy that bothered me the most losing was granderson…but definitely you guys win the DL trophy for most severe and costly injuries…

Varitek too? Wow. Like Surviving Grady says, where’s Doug Mirabelli when you need him?
At least Drew is in tonight, so we’ve got 5 regular starters in the lineup.

The Sox are scrappy right now. Long term you would think it would be a problem to have your WHOLE TEAM ON THE DL but if they can hold it together for a few more weeks, it could be a VERY interesting stretch run into September…
You guys are banged up, we are playing like shit offensively…yet here we stand, as always. 1st and 2nd and looking forward to the rest of the summer!
PS Well Brad, you always like the underpaid, scrappy teams and you got your wish! ;)

touche, Kreug. Except, I always liked the idea of a team with, you know, starters on it as well.
A team of backups and trash heap pick-ups is not the idea.
I figure the Sox to be five back by the end of July, with a mountain to climb when everyone is healthy again.

I was just messing with you brother…
On another note, does anyone else think that ARod seems more human now? He is more relaxed, seems less robotic and really seems to just be one of the guys now. I mean, he still is one of the best players in baseball, but he seems to have been humbled by everything and is just playing baseball now.
Still crushing actresses though…although Diaz has been passes around Hollywood like a joint but still. I liked Kate better!!!

Tonight’s Red Sox lineup, if it’s what’s above, is worth approximately 48M dollars.
That seems like a lot, but I WAS NOT aware that Bill Hall makes freaking 8.5M/year.
But basically, it’s about the same as A-Rod and Tex.
Not exactly how far behind I was thinking, Krueg. hahaha.
And yes, Diaz has been passed around – just not quite as far as I’d have liked. You me.

“I WAS NOT aware that Bill Hall makes freaking 8.5M/year.”
he had a career year as a Brewer, and they gave him a nice contract. Luckily it’s being paid for by them and some by Seattle iirc.
I can’t believe the number of bone fractures, must be drinking that organic milk withoug the hormones or something.

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