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Robinson Cano’s Pace

Just multiply by 3.375 and then round to the nearest whole number and you get this 162 game total for Mr. Cano:

BA:.351/ OBP:.398/ runs:115/ hits: 223/ hr's: 34/ 2b's: 47/ RBI: 115

Dude is ridiculous. 

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i keep hearing that he had all this potential, but never really put his talent to good use, until this year apparently…i’m certainly no expert, but i believe what guys like girardi, long, and some of the players are saying about him: that he’s finally turned the corner and will give us a monster year…he could wind up striking out more this year than in the past, which is wierd considering he supposedly is being more selective and not chasing pitches…then again, he is also on a pace to walk a lot more…good to see his defense improve too, although that’s just anecdotal and through observation…i’m not gonna bother looking at the defensive stats…now if we can only wake up some of the underachievers, we yankee fans could have a fun summer…

Too bad we fucking suck and blew a 30 run lead against the sorry-ass fucking indians…oh well, I always have my 2009 DVD to throw in and remember when we wanted to win a Championship. Unlike this years team which doesn’t seem to give a fuck.

Game. That was fucking atrocious. Too bad Cano can’t pitch because our pitching staff/bullpen is a fucking joke. I’ve tried to stay positive and tell myself it’s still early but this team has no fire, no passion, nothing. Seems to me they are content with 2009, so 2010 is cruise control. Thanks for ruining my weekend Yankees you FUCKING LOSERS!!!

Cano is also finally producing in what has traditionally been one of his most frustrating and glaring weak-spots: AB’s with RISP and – esp – with bases loaded.
This season he is hitting .333 with a 1.020 OPS with RISP and – with bases loaded – he is hitting .500 with a monstrous 1.595 OPS. That’s with only 7 PA’s in bases-loaded situations this season, but for anyone who followed him since he came up, you know it is a 180-degree turnaround.
For his career he is still only a .261 hitter with a .710 OPS with RISP and a .264 hitter with a .686 OPS with bases loaded. I have to think his conifidence in those situations is now building fast which will hopefully feed his continued performance. Regardless, I know that I no longer cringe when I see him come up with RISP.

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