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Rough Road: Nats-Sox Gamer III

Jon Lester is winless in his last three starts and his given up 15 runs, 13 of them earned over those outings.  He's on the mound as Boston hosts the Nationals, who put up Jordan Zimmerman.  Comment away.

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We’re 60 games in.
And it has been monumentally depressing so far.
Lou Merloni just asked the seminal question: Are the Red Sox underperforming or is this who they are?
They might have two all-stars: Ortiz and Salty.
They are without a true No. 1 starter. Lester is yet to have a great start. He’s had a few good starts and a few mediocre starts, but no great starts.
Two high ceiling OFs are still on the DL.
Gonzalez, Pedroia and Youkilis are scuffling.
(Clearly, I’m scattershooting.)
The only thing that has worked for them is that the rest of the division is scuffling, too. So anything is possible. But it’s another 4-6 weeks before Ellsbury and Crawford are back.
It’s a good thing I have plenty of home repair projects to keep me busy, because the Red Sox certainly aren’t worthy of my attention right now.

IBM, I don’t watch Sox games and only check if they won or lost rather than diving into boxscores, but from those very cursory checks, it seems like they’ve lost a ton of very close games, mostly to good teams (and yes, this year I count Baltimore as “good”).

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