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RR Cool J: Jays-Yanks Gamer

Ricky Romero is having one of those seasons that illustrates how useless a W/L record can be when judging a pitcher.  11 ERs in 33 IP.  9.3 Ks/9 vs 2.7 BBs/9 (3.4/1 K/BB).  Most of the damage to his stats came in a dismal outing against Boston.  And he's 1-3 for the Jays.  He will be on the mound at The Stadium tonight, while Freddy Garcia goes for the Bombers.  Garcia hasn't allowed a run in either of his starts, giving up 4 hits over 12 innings.

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Sterling with his vintage “It is high! It is far! It is………… the wall…”. Then covers himself with the lame “maybe there was top-spin on that ball”. Whatever. So tired of him. I really am not one of those to rag on all announcers. But I find it pathetic that a franchise as storied as the Yankees has a freaking baffoon and baffoon-sidekick doing their games.
Regardless, Martin slugs an RBI double and it’s 1-0 Yanks at the end of 2.

Bautista hits his 9th HR of th eyear – 2-1 Toronto, no outs in the 3rd. This guy flipped a switch last year and is just insanely good. Can Garcia keep it close for another 3-4 innings? Big question.

Bautista has had the kind of career turnaround that tempts the more cynical parts of my mind to think he….
Nah, I’m not a cynical person. Innocent until proven guilty and all that. I am surprised we haven’t heard more accusations towards him from sportswriters. These are the people who thought Jeff Bagwell wasn’t a first-ballot Hall of Famer, after all.
Anyway, back to the game. Garcia’s Strike to Ball ratio thus far is 34-25. Not so good.

Why has Joe Girardi suddenly gone bunt-happy? Really? We have two fast base runners, a guy who diesn’t hit many groundballs and naturally pulls the ball. And more importantly, sucks at bunting.

Dubious play, have to watch the replay. Line drive, looked like the 3B did one of those fake drop the ball things to try to get the double play, but throws it away to second base..

“That’s what’s so great about baseball…you just can’t tell…you just don’t know…bases loaded with Teixeira and A-Rod and you get nothing…”
Someone put John Sterling out of my misery.

RBI single. pin-pricked to death this inning. OK – it’s 4:30am where I am and I can’t afford to pull an all-nighter on the off-chance that the Yanks get their act together. Good night.

Kind of weird if you think about it, but I guess he still hits the ball hard, but doesn’t get the ball in the air enough (hard groundballs)..

Waldman: “The way this team is playing righ tnow, if they don’t hit a HR they don’t score.”
This the day after they batted 12 guys in an inning with only one HR. Shut up Suzyn. Please.

I’m about ready to bump Jeter to #6 or even 7. Serioulsy – why not. because he is royalty? He is struggling, and has been for a year+. If he was just K’ing it would be bad enough, but he is grounding into DPs like crazy. Maybe give him to mid-May, but if he doesn’t start hitting the ball with some authority by then I’ll be very annoyed if deference keeps him in the 2-hole.

I’m glad I didn’t watch this game. Looks like a shitfest from everything I’ve read. Another game we lost rather than getting beat.

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