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Rubber Match: Yanks-Sox Gamer III

The saying has been for some time that the Halos had the Yankees number. At least in the case of John Lackey, for some reason the Angels didn’t give him the digits. But that’s history; he’s for Boston now, bringing his remarkably consistent and excellent pitching career to Fenway for his first start as a Sox. Andy Pettitte goes to the mound for the Yankees as the Rivarly continues and the two teams battle for the better part of the split.
Lineups follow, comment away.

NY Yankees
D. Jeter ss .300
N. Johnson dh .000
M. Teixeira 1b .000
A. Rodriguez 3b .200
R. Cano 2b .500
J. Posada c .500
C. Granderson cf .250
N. Swisher rf .429
B. Gardner lf .500
A. Pettitte NA
J. Ellsbury lf .200
D. Pedroia 2b .333
V. Martinez c .375
K. Youkilis 1b .571
D. Ortiz dh .000
A. Beltre 3b .429
J.D. Drew rf .125
M. Cameron cf .333
M. Scutaro ss .429
J. Lackey NA

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Wow…Ellsbury grounds to 2nd under the arm of Tex, Cano flips the ball to Pettite, very small collision at 1st Pettite goes own.
Trainers checking Pettite….seems ok.

Okay, looks like he did. Unfortunately first-pitch swinging doesn’t always equal success.
That shift has stolen at least 3 hits from Ortiz this series.

I agree Andrew. But of course the media hasn’t discussed that.
Interesting the Texiera is 0-9. Didn’t realize that until they mentioned it.

And Swisher is 0 for 6 though his OBP is over .400 and he has yesterday’s game-winning RBI to his credit. Meat of Yankee order doing very little in these first couple games.

Ath – that’s not unique to Boston, the Yankees strand their share of baserunners as well. It only makes sense – high OBP teams will get more men on base, but will also leave more men on base.

Yep I definitely understand; I’m actually one of the few people that has dismissed it in the past for exactly that reason. I’m just annoyed in the short-term right now about it.
Pettitte has always been good at getting out of jams though.

Rob, You’re talking about Pat Venditte – he pitched in one of the last Spring training games vs. Atlanta in relief. The regulars loved it. Sabathia talked at length about it because he was apparently the only guy that didn’t know Venditte was coming in (he relieved Sabathia) and was apparently confused as hell when he looked up and saw the guy pitching from different sides.
Last year he was 4-2 with 22 saves and a 1.87 ERA in single-A. He’s starting this year in single A.
Take on him I believe is that he is not a very realistic major league prospect. He has some OK breaking stuff but a slowish and very straight fastball. probably great for ticket-sales in the minors though…

Ortiz with the hit & RBI. Maybe he’ll get a repreive from the Boston media now. For a week.
Teixeira still has another series before returning to Yankee Stadium so hopefully he’ll get off the scheid too before the NY boo-birds get to him.

IH, is that the same guy that got into the stare-down with a switch-hitter, where they both kept going back-and-forth between left-handed and right-handed for about 5 minutes? I remember seeing footage of that, it was hilarious.

I watched a video on that kid when he was pitching in college. In some regards it is too bad he is not major’s caliber. Would cause some havoc…definitely some flexibility in the pen.

Yeah Ath, that’s him. it was after that stare-down that they had to institute a rule for such situations. The pitcher now has to declare from which side he is pitching before the batter than has to step into the box.

Over/Under on how many days that RBI gets the media off Papi’s back? 3?
It’s good to be back guys! I was at the first two games, damn it’s good to hear Remy and Don again tonight.

Sorry for all the typos – my day started with conference call at 6am an I’m losing it.
Yeah Rob – think about doubling a starter’s pitch-count. Or not having to worry about lefty-righty matchups for an ambidextrous relieiver. Tony LaRussa would have to come up with another reason to switch guys out constantly. Maybe matching skin complexions with the batters. Or something. OK good night – for now.

If Jeter had thrown V-Mart out on that grounder the hole I would have shut the game off and gone out to the street and started running sprints.

I don’t think so…I do not think that either pitcher was trying to hit the batters. The last two nights it has been the 5th-6th inning where the pitcher’s control has disappeared.
Then watching Jeter’s reaction with Youk showed that IMO.

(I’ve been calling Nick Chunk but I really meant Sloth from Goonies…oversight on my part! He actually looks like a cross between Uncle Fester and Sloth)

No Krueg, that isn’t what I was saying. Just pointed out that I don’t think either pitcher intended to hit the batters.
Not exactly Pedro on the mound.

We create our OWN breaks baby…COME ON YANKEES!!! Plenty of innings left to do some damage…
AND the thunderstorm rolls in and I lose the signal….F_CK!!!!!

I really do believe that I could go in there right now, throw submarine, and have a better chance of getting outs than CHAN HO SUCK!!!!
1 out. I can’t watch.

No krueg – he was playing youks deep and the ball barely reached the warning track. It was deep, but granderson didn’t even have to sprint. And CHP cuts through ortiz like butta. That’s nice stuff CHP. Props to Joe. We used Aceves and Joba last night and this early in the season we gotta throw guys out there. I am not one to question Girardi’s pen-management.

Oh, this is just stupid. This isn’t a long-relief situation, this is a situation where the Red Sox can win the game with one swing.
See what I mean?

Apparently Sterling’s new and improved call for Granderson is “The Grandy Man Can”…it’s still from a musical, but one that’s not quite so obscure.

Damn! I missed the Grandy HR and it’s not even DVR’d. I’ll take it though. Not to overstate it but that is the tradeoff in going more defensive. The bottom of the Sox order is not as fearsome as the Yanks’. Let’s see if Mo can convert back to back. In Fenway. In April.

Daniel Bard pitched both games too but he still came in tonight, IH. Though I agree with you regarding Oki, since we’re stretching things thin now.
Ramon Ramirez was warming up earlier, if anyone pitches it will be him.

Andy Pettitte, Chan Ho Park, 7 Curtis Granderson – players of the game. Good way to start the season fellas! Thanks for hanging through it all Atheose, Krueg. good night.

Well of all the times I’ve seen the Mississippi waste implode on himself, this one ranks right up there with the most predictable.
My hatred for Papelbon runs deep.
I’m thinking that Theo ignored a vital part of this team in the bullpen. Outside of Papelbon (sometimes) and Bard (all the freaking time), the arms are either old and busted or too erratic to throw striks (looking at you MDC).
Moves will have to be made to fix this, or they’re going to lose a lot of games that the starters should have won. Cant give the ball to Bard 100 times this year.

The difference in this series ended up being better bullpen performance by the Yankees.
Dis Theo all you want, but on paper the Sox have a whole lot of pitching talent in that bullpen. Trading one of your best young relief pitchers to Martinez, who is not the long term solution for the Sox at catcher, was a mistake in my opinion.
Mariano Rivera is a freak. Thank god he’s a Yankee.

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