Rumor Redux

Technically, I’m not actually here until Tuesday, but I feel I should take a break from my extended weekend in Tennessee to update the two biggest trade rumors we’ve posted on this site — A-Rod and Melky to Philly for everyone but Pat Gillick himself, and Lowell to SD for "pitching," likely Peavy. (Your Sox-M’s gamer is below).

  • The New York Post asked A-Rod about whether he’d waive his no-trade clause for such a deal. He said no, and a Phillies official laughed when told of the rumor. Apparently, ESPN XM radio (or Lockland) is not to be trusted.
  • Eric Wilbur notes the buzz set off by ESPN’s off-hand comment about the Sox and Lowell, and says: Peavy is too good for the Padres to trade for one such as Lowell. Really breaking ground on that one, aren’t we, Eric?

Needless to say, a culmination of both trades would be fantastic — at least for the Red Sox. But, as has been said here and in print, the likelihood is somewhere just north of 0 percent.

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