Rumplestiltsken: Phils-Rox NLDS Gamer III

It’s a late start for east-coasters who are tracking the Phillies as they head to Coors and cling by their fingernails to their post-season hopes. The Rox have been effectually unbeatable for the last month. The Methuselah that is Jamie Moyer hucks the ball for the Phils, while the Rox send Ubaldo Jiménez. The NL looks to be sealing the deal for the CS rather quickly, much like the members of the junior circuit. Comment away.

J. Rollins ss .250
C. Utley 2b .222
P. Burrell lf .286
R. Howard 1b .250
A. Rowand cf .125
S. Victorino rf .200
C. Ruiz c .286
A. Nunez 3b .000
J. Moyer p .000
K. Matsui 2b .333
T. Tulowitzki ss .250
M. Holliday lf .333
T. Helton 1b .111
G. Atkins 3b .222
B. Hawpe rf .143
R. Spilborghs cf .200
Y. Torrealba c .429
U. Jimenez p .000
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  • Stupid Phillies. Why win the NL East if you’re just gonna get swept. note to Phillies batters: Do NOT swing at balls in the dirt.

    no sleep til brooklyn SF October 6, 2007, 9:51 pm
  • Hopefully this bodes well for the Red Sox and the Indians to wrap it up tomorrow too.

    no sleep til brooklyn SF October 7, 2007, 1:31 am
  • I don’t know if I want both the Sox and Phils to wrap it up tomorrow (well, maybe the Sox)… that would be what, four days without any baseball at all? That would be so sad.

    Jackie (SF) October 7, 2007, 3:43 am

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