Runaway Train

That's what the AL East leaders are going to be, now that the Yanks have gotten Halladay.  And for nobody off the Major League roster either, at first glance.  Link to come.*

(if this ever comes true. it's not. I just thought it would be fun to screw with Yankee fans' heads, just for six seconds even, on this really crappy day for us SFs…)

And now, back to the trading deadline.

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Exactly whose heads are you trying to mess with??
Buster Olney says the Sox and Padres talked “at length” about Adrian Gonzalez last night.

Who knows, Paul. My head isn’t straight today. I can’t even screw with people properly!

Presuming this is the new trade rumors thread, there’s this from Ed Price:
Source: #BlueJays trying to get #RedSox to take Alex Rios (signed thru 2014) as part of Halladay deal
If it meant including Ellsbury in the deal and therefore lowering the price in prospects to keep going after Martinez or Gonzalez, I’d do that.

If that’s true Paul, you need to do that in a heartbeat. I would REALLY miss Ellsbury, but Rios is still good and Halladay is just out of this world.

Monty: “There in the dugout, Ellsbury is fisting Lowrie to thank him for moving the runner over.”
Uhh dude, you mean “fist-bumping”. Fisting is something else entirely.

Monty was run out of the NESN booth for a gay porn fetish, did you not know this Ath?
(I kid)

‘”There in the dugout, Ellsbury is fisting Lowrie to thank him for moving the runner over.”‘
It’s possible that would overshadow the whole Ortiz PED story on the evening news.

Ath, here’s (old) funny news. In tenth grade I didn’t have time to change when our pickup basketball game ran late at recess. I went to math in my cut-off sweats and got called up to diagram a geometry problem when I had just gotten one of those teenage-boners that never go away. Ridicule ensued. I survived. So will baseball.

best band name ever:
Sweat Pants Boner
I think they were a hardcore group from Boston.

The PED scandal-as-10th grade boner of MLB analogy. I like.
Just so you know, Gerb, I always found the Pythagorean Theorem tremendously erotic as well. Nothing to be ashamed of.

> The PED scandal-as-10th grade boner of MLB analogy. I like.
Me too.
Reporter: “Your dick is hard.”
MLB: “Yep.”
Reporter: “Watcha gonna do about it?”
MLB: “Nuthin.”
Reporter: “How long will it last?”
MLB: “Dunno.”

I think they were a hardcore group from Boston.
No, you have them confused with Sweat Pants Bonah.

Thanks for making me laugh really hard. If it’s any consolation, I think we all had moments like that during our teenage years.
That quote is going up on my facebook wall, by the way. Genius.

Mean to fans of either ilk!
Less than 24 hours till the smoke clears anyway (except the waiver wire thingy, of course).

When will Halladay’s value ever get higher? In two days he will be a lame duck for the rest of the season, he’ll never clear waivers. And after the season he’ll be in a walk year, with any team that is interested less likely to trade the same talent for a shorter service period from the ace. He would still be valuable in the off-season, and the differential could, in the end, be nominal. But I think his value is basically peaking now since a contender will get him for the rest of this season and for next, as opposed to starting a season fresh.
If Ricciardi isn’t able to pull off a decent deal before tomorrow’s deadline that’s a pretty big statement about his abilities as a GM – if ever there was a commodity that could help a team re-stock it is Halladay. It would seem that Halladay isn’t going to get much more valuable, though he will still be of value.

Good point SF: wouldn’t the Jays get more right now while contenders are desperate, than in the off-season where there’s more time and options? And given all this talk it would be pretty difficult to hold onto him for the rest of the season, with the knowledge that he’s essentially gone.

By the way, a quote from Ricciardi as of 15 minutes ago:
“We’ve got nothing going on. We expect him to be with us.”

Ricciardi is right about having nothing going on, especially if he makes no moves. He’s got nothing going on as a GM. And he will be fired.
He may be fired anyways.

quality hardcore knowledge nick! the sweatpant boners rocked. that “chinese takeout” song still busts me up to this day. that band was a supergroup featuring members of unearthed and defcon 4. they also had robbie roadsteamer of “sox appeal” fame in the band.

The Padres’ front office will meet late Thursday with ownership to review trade proposals for closer Heath Bell and first baseman Adrian Gonzalez. General manager Kevin Towers and his staff will be joined at the meeting by Jeff Moorad, the team’s vice-chairman and CEO, and Tom Garfinkel, the club president.
“We’ll talk through the kinds of proposals that have been made,” Moorad told “We’re always open to improving the club going forward. But the two significant players being discussed would require some element of overpaying to pry them loose.

Not sure I’d phrase it quite like that, at least not in public. One, it will not help him with his suitors. Second, if he makes a deal that isn’t deemed that strong he’s going to look like an idiot, to the fans. He ought to let his GM do the talking at this point, so close to the deadline.

It’s understandable if he can’t deal Halladay, but Rolen? The Reds were more than willing to take that guy and that contract off your hands and you turn them down? Sheesh.

I think the Vernon Wells deal tells you all you need to know about Ricciardi’s tenure as Toronto GM. Go look it up. It will surprise you. It still surprises me.

He also gave Burnett the opt-out. Imagine how much he could have gotten for him, with him pitching the way he has?

Imagine if the Yankees bought Sabathia, Burnett *and* Halliday all in one year.
If they did that but failed to win the World Series, it would be an embarrassment.
If they did that and won the World Series, it would be unremarkable.

Hudson, are you trying to pick a fight today or are you just bitter about Ortiz’s apparent cheating, the recent play of the Sox, or something else?

Hudson is the quintessential Sox troll of YFSF. The “A SF”, you could say. He’s best left ignored.

Melky with a leadoff double. Molina failed to move him over with a groundout to third. Jeter grounds out, and this time Melky to third, except with two outs. Here’s JD trying to drive him in.

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