Same Big Unit, New Smaller Returns

Has Randy Johnson lost a step? Is it the groin? Lack of consistent work (his excuse)? Is the switch back to the AL hurting him (not yesterday)? As just about everyone has noted, he’s not throwing that superfast heater much anymore. To be fair, he’s been pretty good so far this year. Project his numbers forward and you get this: 207 ks, 7.73 k/9, 1.13 whip, 3.94 era. Solid work. But nowhere near last year’s dominance: 290 ks, 10.62 k/9, .9 whip, 2.60 era. That’s the Randy we’d been looking forward to watching on a regular basis—as fans, if nothing else. Nine hits in three innings to the rinky-dink Mets doesn’t suggest we’re in store for a perfect-o anytime soon. But you never know. We hope he recovers a bit of that old magic.

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  • That Randy is gross, but he existed with those numbers in the offensive-dumpster that is the NL west. He’s going to struggle a ‘bit, but rest assured when you need him to be big, there’s a good chance he will be. That being said, he’s not even half as scary as he was even last year. John Rocker throws the ball 92, so unlesss that slider is working to perfection, he’s going to have a time of it.

    Brad-SF May 22, 2005, 11:38 pm

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