Saturday Morning in LA

On the Left Coast for work, took a quick trip to Chavez Ravine to get impulse tix for tonight’s game. Visitors are allowed in, and the view from just inside the box office is SPECTACULAR. Excited for tonight, my first time to this park.Saturday Morning in LA

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That looks like a great game to catch — Hernandez v Milton seems to have potential for a great battle, though this will be Milton’s first ML start since coming off rehab for his back and practically every Mariner is hurt and day-to-day. Have fun!

Yes, Dodger Stadium’s great. FYI: the official LA fan view is that you have to try to get the grilled Dodger Dogs instead of the steamed ones. And when I went a year or two ago, the garlic fries were pretty good, too.

welcome to the 90090. the only ball park with it’s own area code. show up early and drive around the ball parks surrounding neighborhoods (elysian ave or boylston) and pick up some of the coolest non-mlb-licensed gear around. a “Los Doyers” shirt featuring fernandos #34. or my favorite, a mount rushmore-esque laker shirt featuring kareem/magic/kobe and a very approving looking obama.

Also, can we get a game thread? Or does it not count as an actual Sox game when the bottom of the lineup features Kotsay, Kottaras, Lugo, and Wakefield batting?
Wakefield, of course, has more than hits (1) than the other three combined (0) at the moment.

Once again, no game thread.
Why, oh why, don’t the mods set up these threads in advance and let Typepad automatically post them an hour before gametime? It’s the simplest thing in the world. All you need is a schedule and a few hours’ time and threads are guaranteed for the rest of the season.

I’m not sure I would have pulled Wakefield. 88 pitches in 95 degrees is a lot, to be sure, but MDC worries me here.

Well, I was wrong about MDC. And Youk just had a great AB, almost hit it out.

Hudson, you’ve had that argument like 30 times in the last year, and every time SF responds with the same reason. Give it a rest!

Hudson, I don’t mean to pile on, but come on man, when there isn’t a game post, we all just use the most recent post, does it really need to be specific to talk about the game?

Heeeeere’s Jonny! (Papelbon)
Pops Chipper up to start the 9th. Here’s the scary McCann.

As scary as Gameday made it look? At any rate, 2 down, and the scariest 2 at that.

Penny is actually doing a decent job out there — if the Sox bats weren’t dead, he would be in a fine position to get another win.

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