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Saturday Night Party: Rangers-Sox Gamer II

We have alternative plans, but everyone should use this as tonight's gamer.  Go Sox!

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Following on MLB Game Day – wife is surfing through MLB TV, ESPN, etc to make sure any Sox updates during this “Night Historical of Pablo Garcia”!!

Two-run single for Yooks! So much for Benson’s comeback.
Bills, check the Globe’s notes. Tito said that Papi was going to see the obstetrician, then corrected himself.

Thanks for the correction, courtesy of Peter Gammons.

Wrong night to have “alternative plans”!
BillsBurg — I keep thinking the same thing. At some point the Sox hitters must be thinking, “We better stop piling it on before our guy gets cold on the bench.”

A couple of thoughts:
1. Lester pointed out on the post-game show that his last two opponents, Toronto and Texas, are very aggressive, which says something about his recent success.
2. He also gave a lot of credit to Tek, who has caught four no-hitters. And I wonder, including the four no-nos (Nomo, Lowe, Buccholz, Lester), how many times has Tek taken a no-hitter into the 7th? He’s done it twice this year already.

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