Schilling: a plum, to be

Schilling: a plum, to be sure, for whomever can pry him from those poor, impoverished D-Backs (any chance we could get a look at those books, Jerry?). It would be a shame for the Yankees to lose Johnson, however. If anything, the team needs more youth, not another durability question. Beltran is an intriguing possibility in the OF but would leave them wi th three guys who can play center and no one to handle right. The papers all say Sheffield will take this spot. We’d prefer Vlad. A-Rod the the Sox: Still hard to imagine this happening without the Sox dumping Manny’s salary, and that’s not likely to happen. Already they have, or claim to have, payroll issues; how are they to carry Manny, A-Rod, and Pedro all at once? That’s $60 million for three guys! But all of this talk of teams exceeding their “budgets” is a bunch of hooey. The press needs to do a dramatically better job of reporting on how these teams arrive at their budgets, and what they mean both for player salaries and the communities that subsidize MLB. It’s easy to say the players are overpaid, and some salary roll-back is necessary. But there needs to be accountability to the people who support and subsidize the game–the fans. Until that happens, the owners can take their poverty claims and, as Tanner Boyle would say, stick them straight up their ass.

Posted by YF on 11/12/2003 11:34:48 PM

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